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I can't believe the info on this site.

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  • I can't believe the info on this site.

    Well, I finally bought my scroll saw, a Delta SS350 on a stand. I'm sure I'll understand soon why the majority speaks so highly about the Dewalt 788 but for now all I can say about the Delta is, it looks like it'll do the job for me for the time being. I've been working around wood doing some basic things but haven't spent a lot of time at it.

    I'm so happy I found this site because with all the info and expertise, it really gets the old juices flowing. Personally, being retired recently, it appears to be just what the doctor ordered. I've just ordered the Scroll Saw Workbook and am looking forward to enjoying the journey instead of rushing to finish everything immediately. What's it like to be a type "B" instead of a type "A" anyway. <grin> I'm hoping to find out.

    My home is in SW Washington state, close to Portland so there are a number of good sources in the area. In the meantime, I'm reading and learning from you experts.

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    Welcome aboard. Glad you found us. You are right about the amount of info here. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. As for the saw it is a fine saw and you will learn to enjoy this hobby for sure. But you have been warned this is addictive. So take the shoes off and make yourself at home here. Good luck!
    John T.


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      I'm fairly new to this group but find them very helpful and a friendlier group you won't find.

      I'm just north east of ya.

      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
      Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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        I am just North west of both of you
        It is a great place to share ideas. This is with no doubt the friendliest forum on the net.
        There is lots of information and opinions to be had here. There are times when we don't all agree, but we all value each others points.
        I think the bottom line in scrolling is have fun. This is one of the few hobbies where you can break even or make a few dollars. Most hobbies just cost you
        If you have any questions ask away either here or on email.

        Welcome aboard
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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          And I'm somewhat south of y'all.
          We are a friendly group, we have lots of advice, and some of it is excellent.
          Get ready to have some fun!


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            LOL,well,Im wayy over here waving at ya from Wisconsin. Welcome ,and dont be afraid to pick our brains! Dale
            Dale w/ yella saws


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              Welcome, and enjoy the site. I certainly do. Speaking of directions, I am a little to the South West of you but you probably won't see me waving.

              Rhys H.


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