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  • Cheers, from ddanchuk

    Hi there,

    New member here from Coquitlam, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. I've been scrolling for a couple years and have most of the last issues. I just posted some pics of some of the things I make. I tend to go with a lot of color lately. I do mostly segmentation, but like to try new things that come along that are of interest to me.

    Would like to hear from any Vancouver area scrollers.

    Please feel free to leave me some comments on my work.


    Dave (ddanchuk)
    Dave Danchuk

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    Welcome aboard neighbour. Chilliwack here. This is a great forum with lots of help and advice, some good, some different
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Welcome to the forum Dave, and like Carl said this is a great place to get help and advice.

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      Greg H.
      In Houston


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        I feel warm and cozy here already! Thanks for the comments, both here and for my pics.


        Dave Danchuk


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          I've seen some of your stuff on other forums and welcome you to this one. I think you will find this one a bit more fun than just "pattern seeking". However, that is not to say that the others are not valuable nor fun. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
          Old Mooner


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            Speaking of more of my work, I just finished painting a piece I did of Luther Vandross. just over 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. 1/4 inch think MDF, hand painted with acrylics.


            Dave Danchuk


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