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  • Hello from East Tennessee

    I'm Sam from East Tennessee... And I think I am becoming addicted....

    I have never owned a scroll saw until now. There are several times I have almost purchased one but, for whatever reason, didn't follow through.

    I bit the bullet and purchased a Hawk.. Just got it in today. A friend of mine was wanting one and got me interested again. So we both ordered one.

    I have been doing sand carving/blasting for a little while now and, after looking at many of my patterns, found I could easily use them with a scroll saw. Some will not need any changes and others will need to change a little.

    Eventually, after LOTS of mistakes I'm sure, I plan on combining the two to create some ideas I have running around in my head.

    I look forward to getting to know the good folk associated with this forum.


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    Welcome to the Form Sam,
    I know that you and your friend will enjoy the new Hawk scroll saw. This is one of the best forms to get info. be sure to post pictures of your work.

    Greg H.
    In Houston


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      Welcome Sam, once you have been bitten by a scroll saw you become addicted. I took up scrolling when I retired in 1992, I do other woodworking but enjoy scrolling the most. Seems to be relaxing to me. Check out for blades and great information on blades. I am in no way affiliated with Mike other than being a satisfied customer. Enjoy it. Mick.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

      A smile is a small curve that straightens everything out.


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        Welcome. Sam!
        Sounds like you have got the full-blown scroll saw bug - you will have plenty of company here. Keep us informed on how you are progressing, especially with marrying the two arts.


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          Thanks for the warm welcome.

          Found a deal with a furniture mfg. company that went out of business. Got 1/8" to 3/8" solid core, finished, plywood (the type/size used at the end of kitchen cabinets, etc.) for 25 cents a pnl. (About 24 sq foot for $1)
          Lots of door pnls, etc...

          Again thanks...



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            Welcome to the group Sam. I, too, use a Hawk and am happy to say it has served me well. Just a word of warning about the forum--you will receive lots and lots of very good and solid advice if you ask. However, be aware that the opinions are as varied as the members. We won't lead you astray, but we will lead you in different directions.
            Old Mooner


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              Originally posted by Old Mooner
              ... We won't lead you astray, but we will lead you in different directions.
              Come on Mooner, you know I love to take new people for a Scroll down the Garden Path
              CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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