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    Canadian Scroller

    Hello everyone, my name is Carl. I have been scrolling for about 10 years. Time does fly just as fast as sawdust!
    I am a firm believer in pushing the craft to the limit. I have a 16" VS Delta scroll saw. I have cut everything from cows that were 1/8 of an inch high to a rockinghorse cut from 2" maple.
    Selecting the right blade and the right speed seems to make all the difference in the world.
    I do scrollsaw demonstrations at our local fair along with my mentor, a scroller in his seventies that is just as spry and limber as one can be.
    It is a fascinating hobby with limitless potential. I hope to share many things in this forum.

    Carl Hird-Rutter, Chilliwack BC
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    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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      Welcome Carl

      I have seen that logo (in your avitar) before! Glad you joined us here.
      I look forward to your contributions and agree with your comments on selecting the right blade and the right sawing speed.


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        Me New Too


        I've been working with wood on and off for 20 years. Mostly small project stuff. I've been scroll sawing 3 months now and have done a few projects; diamond piano clock, diamond praying hands clock and a Lighthouse clock. I'm currently working on a bathroom cabinet for my wife. Her 'theme' is bubbles, so I decided design and 'fret' out some bubbles (circles) on the doors. I'm in the sanding stage right now.

        Just enjoying my new hobby and thought I'd come here and learn as much as I can.

        - Grizz
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          Hi everyone, My name is Keith, middle name Elwood. I have been scrollin for 1 and 1/2 years and I love it. I haved been doin alot of wildlife scrollin, mainly bears and wolves and some birds of pray. I would like to get into doin portraits. This site has hepled me in so many ways. The questions i have are already answered when I get timeto get on the computer. I have done a lot of woodworkin in the past but noone liked it and now my wife Wanda has seen what I can do, she is my greatest inspuration. I build alot of shelves and outside yard decor. Now I do alot of scrollin. I hope I can help others like ya'll have helped me.
          Keep on scrolling


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            Welcome, Carl, Grizz and Keith.
            If you have any questions feel free to post them here.
            Their are many who are glad to help.
            If you have any pictures of the projects you made, please put them on the "Scroller Galleries NEW" site

            Mike M
            SD Mike


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              Welcome Grizz, Welcom Keith

              Glad you joined us here and I look forward to your seeing some of your work posted in the gallery and reading your contributions.

              As Mike mentioned, if you have any questions- please feel free to ask them. There are many members on here who are so willing to help (Mike is one of those members) - it makes this forum a great resource.


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                Welcome--a little later than the others...The board is gropwing so fast that I can't keep up! I have to choose between keeping up with the board and putting out the nxt issue of SSW

                Bob Duncan
                Scroll Saw Workshop


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                  Wood Supply

                  Originally posted by jane
                  Hi. My name is Jane. I have only been sawing for about a year, and I love it.
                  My son bought my first saw for me a year ago. I have Dremel 1680 and really like it. It's easy to change the blades(now that I know how).
                  My skill is increasing and am able to sell a few things. I work the service desk at Walmart so use scrolling as stress control.
                  I am having a hard time finding the woods I would like to use, especially for the larger pieces.
                  Any information on the types of wood I should be using for the different things, and a good place to get it would be helpfull.
                  I have a small setup in my basement with saw,drill press,and table saw, but no heat. My son is in the process of building me a room down there with a heater and exaust system. CAN'T WAIT!!!

                  For a big list of wood suppliers try I have had good results from for thin woods. Good luck



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                    Even though I have been a subscriber to the magazine for awhile, I have just signed up for this forum. I am retired Air force and currently teach economics at a community college in Sherman/Denison, Texas just below the Red River. I have been a woodworker, woodcarver, model aircraft builder, and scroller for a lot of years and am getting ready to retire again and start participating a bit more in arts and crafts shows. I also keep up with the Scrollsaw Portraits web page(s) set up by Gary Browning. It is surprising how much we all can still learn by talking to the other fine folks, young and old, who enjoy our hobby. See ya around.
                    Old Mooner


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                      Originally posted by BobD
                      Welcome--a little later than the others...The board is gropwing so fast that I can't keep up! I have to choose between keeping up with the board and putting out the nxt issue of SSW

                      Bob Duncan
                      Scroll Saw Workshop

                      Well! The choice is clear... the public anxiously awaits the next issue of SSW!


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                        Welcome Old Mooner

                        I am NOT going to ask about your nickname. LOL.


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                          Moon means years with Indians. If you ask them how old are you, they might say; so many moons.
                          So this means the new member is old, maybe?
                          Welcome new mooner.

                          Mike M
                          SD Mike


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                            Yes, the new member is "old." In fact, I officially became "senior" on my last birthday (65). I can now get some of that social security before it runs out. As to my nickname (someone else didn't want to dare ask), it was my "callsign" when I was driving fighter planes in 'Nam and originally comes from an old comic strip called "Gasoline Alley." I am "Moon" Mullins. It has nothing to do with what most people think.
                            Old Mooner


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                              Hi All

                              My name is Bob Baker out of Pennsylvania,I have been scrolling for about two years and try to get out in my shop everyday.I enjoy doing wildlife projects and the woodimal puzzels by Jim Sweet. I like coming on this sight and learning from all of you ,which has helped alot. Acouple of weeks ago I posted asking about what you all thought about different saws,which I was looking to upgrade mine to something better,well I have gotten my new saw which is the dewalt788 and like someone said to me was it was like going to heaven owning the new saw.
                              So hope to talk to you all in the future --------Bob


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                                I am Don Snethen from Eugene, OR. I have been scrolling for a few years though only occasionally and when a project included something that needed scroll work. Pernaps a year or so ago I began to get more serious about it and now just saw for the enjoyment and rewards from it. I have been cutting some of the patterns from CWW&C and SSW and am enjoying gaining good experience from that. The most recent project was SKWoodworks' Bass Pros. I also have several patterns from Toys in the Attic that I plan to cut soon. I am using a DeWalt 788 saw and am moderately pleased with it. I recently began to learn to do marquetry (wth the hand fret saw) and would like to try cutting it on a power saw but suspect that a saw such as the Eclipse would be the only one with the true vertical blade motion that would work efficintly. Plus a very slow speed. I resaw my own thin wood now and only buy BB plywood when the need to use it arises. I have lurked for a short while on this forum and decided to sign on today. Hopefully, I can learn much from the more experienced sawyers that participate here. I would like to tackle one of those tall tower fretwork clocks some day. So expect some questions from me from time to time.


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