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    Here is a picture of my two entries in the Va Art Contest in Seattle, Washington. Frank Sinatra got first and the Bassett Hound got 2nd. Personally I thought the order would be reversed but I guess it all depends on who is doing the judging.

    It was Judge by people from the Seattle Art community. I just don't think that Intarsia gets the respect it deserves from the art community.

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    Congratulations on your awards Tim! I'm sure there are others who share your feelings regarding intarsia.
    Thanks for sharing!

    DeWalt 788

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      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Well done, Tim. Those are both very nice pieces of work.

        Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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          Hey Tim: Walt here in the Smoky Mountain Area: Both pieces are beautiful.
          congratulations on your awards. Like you, I think the intarsia is best.
          Best regards, Walt Rollison.
          Scrolling with a DW788
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            Congratulations. Yes the intarsia is great but I guess the judges were of the Sinatra era...
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              I'd give them both blue ribbons!

              There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                Way to go, I agree with Fred well done.Jerry
                Don't worry be scrolling


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                  Thanks everyone for the great compliments.



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                    Great work Tim, i would'nt have been able to pick a winner personally.


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                      Very nice, Tim. One question, what is the VA abbreviate? Just Curious.
                      Chuck D

                      When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman.
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                        Congrats Tim! I'm not so sure the judges don't have respect for intarsias...did you ask them later about the judging? Usually in contests you can speak to the judges afterwards and get their thoughts, regardless of where you might place. I find it's easy to lose with an intarsia because there is so many more places where you can lose points. Every piece of the intarsia can be judged, so if even just one is off, but the sinatra is flawless, the sinatra takes more points, although it may have been a bit simpler to you really have to concentrate and raise the bar with intarsias to gather some bonus points that will cancel out any lost points. Generally bonus points come with the pattern being original, the extremity of the difficulty level and the finish is a big factor have so many more variables as you can see to bring the intarsia down.
                        Jeff Powell


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