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    Back in February one of the local papers did a little article on my scrolling efforts. This was entirely due to a press release from my friends at Fox Chapel.
    It does feel good to be in the limelight of your home town.

    A couple of months ago I got a message on my answering machine from another reporter at the paper.
    The machine said he was doing an article on Logging and thought the fretwork could be tied in with it and could I return the call.

    Well frankly I saw such a slim connection between Logging and Fretwork that I let the message slip by without a response.

    Yesterday at work, someone said to me "You are in the paper again"
    They quoted one of your blogs.

    The quote on the blog is an embarrassing one, but quite amusing.
    My grammer will often be incorrect, and although there is a spell checker, I am sure I will never use it. I hope to write memoirs and tales to stimulate the imagination.
    Now that spelling mistake was a real mistake, and the Blogging article was about the passion of writing, not about spelling and grammar. The quote was not there to embarrass but to explain what blogging is about.

    So when you get a message on an answering machine about Logging make sure it isn't about Blogging. I am now going to write the reporter and say "Sorry about that Chief!"

    PS It does feel good to see your name in print
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21

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    Congrats Carl! Feels good to see your name in print as long as it's not on a wanted poster, LOL.
    Scrollsaw Patterns Online
    Making holes in wood with an EX-30, Craftsman 16" VS, Dremel 1680 and 1671


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