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  • NEOS 2012... Best in Show

    My new project, which I call "Wavy Ribbon" is a brand new type of scroll saw project... it was well received at NEOS in Ritchfield, OH last weekend... it received "Best in Show". It was inspired by the art of Malcom Tibbets, who is renowned as a woodturner. I devised a method to make this using only the scroll saw. (I don't have a lathe.)
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      It was a well-deserved award! I was there, and the photos don't do the work justice!

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        WOW! That is one terrific piece of work. And once again proves that really great stuff can be done with the scroll saw.

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          That is a very interesting piece of work. Congratulations on the well deserved award
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            The pictures do not do it proper justice. I saw this piece up close and in person at the picnic and it was one of those Oh man now that is truly a work of art. How did they do that? moments. Awesome work. Glad I got to see that one in person. The Best of Show was well deserved.

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              New kind of project, using established methods

              Thank you...
              Technically, I'd say the result is brand new to scrolling, but I didn't invent much that is new.

              I made a circle cutting jig for my scroll saw. In principle it is like a circle cutting jig for a band saw, with a fixed base and a pivot on a sliding base.

              Because the bowls would be too tall to cut in half on the scroll saw, and because I wanted the wood cutting to be 100% on the scroll saw, I used the circle cutting jig to make half-bowls.

              This project is made up of 6 half-bowls, cut at a 45 degree bevel angle.


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                nice job and congratulations on the Best of Show, that's an interesting looking piece for sure...

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                  Sweeeet.........Malcom would be proud.
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                    Congrats on the well deserved award. Not sure if you posted pictures of how you did this before, but it sure would be nice to see.


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                      Nicely done!
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                        Congradulations.... It looks very miind taxing to get everything just right. It is beautiful.


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                          Some may say that is great craftsmanship, but this is truly art. I applaud you and every scroll sawyer that have raised the level of scroll sawing to a true art form. I applaud your efforts, and the results Sawtooth. I look forward to the book you now must write explaining the process.
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                            Art Work from a Scroll Saw

                            Thank you very much... I see it that way, too. But I'd be nowhere if it weren't for the generosity of the many scrollers and wood artists who publish their patterns and methods in magazines, books, and online.

                            My first exposure to Steve Garrison's work 2 years ago made me feel the same way... he skipped all the "usual suspects" in the world of scroll sawing (fretwork, intarsia, compound, portrait, boxes, bowls, etc) and created a new method in order to achieve something brand new using his scroll saw. It caught my attention and my imagination and I worked hard to make artistic sea shells using his methods.

                            Earlier this year on the Lumberjocks website there was an unrelated project that made reference to a woodturner's book, which I then looked up online... I then discovered another amazing journey into new art forms in wood. Malcom Tibbets is a renowned woodturner... but I couldn't use his methods even if I wanted too. So I felt challenged to re-create his art using only our favorite tool, the scroll saw. I described most of how I did the Wavy Ribbon, and a "cousin" to it that is called "Orb" on the website:
                            Wavy Ribbon - by SawTooth1953 @ ~ woodworking community

                            If anyone is looking for similar challenges in wood art, go to Steve Garrison's website... and to Tahoe Turner, Segmented Wood Turning by Malcolm J Tibbetts to see the masterful woodturning of Malcom Tibbetts. (BTW, Steve Garrison is giving a seminar to demonstrate the basic seashell method at the SAW Expo in Springfield, MO in July... I'll be there, too.)


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                              Sawtooth, you are definetley a quality Artist. I would say too, a Creator of fine wood Art. It's a pleasure to see someones labor's put into something as beautiful as this piece of Art. Congratulations on the well deserved Award. I don't think I would have the patience to put everything together just to get ready for the cutting. Thank you for showing us.


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