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The Wood Whisperer--Box Book giveaway

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  • The Wood Whisperer--Box Book giveaway

    When the bowl book came out, I did a guest blog post for Marc Spagnuolo, otherwise known as the Wood Whisperer, and was pleased with the nice coverage he gave of my work. As a complete unknown, I was grateful for the exposure, and for his kindness in giving me a chance.

    I thought he might be interested in my "take" on boxes, and suggested a "Boxes without Joinery" post. He tied it in with an April giveaway of my book (kindly supplied by Fox Chapel), and embedded a YouTube video I did to go with the article.

    If you're curious, or want a shot a winning a book, check out the post at Once again, I'm grateful to Marc for his enthusiastic endorsement, and for helping me to "get the word out".

    Most people are not aware that once you've written a book, your work has just started. Unless you have your own TV show, or are a really big name, getting publicity is a real challenge. I'm grateful for every opportunity I've been given, including exposure on this forum, to let people know about my work.

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    Mark is one super woodworker to be sure, and that shop of his is so sweeeeet.........I thought I saw you on his site before this April 4 article, was I dreaming? At any rate good luck with the current exposure, well deserved.
    Now for a gig on Good Morning America..........that would be cool!
    Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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      Gloria, I did a guest blog post about 2 years ago, for the bowl book, and Marc was really very nice and welcoming. Joe had been following his blog, and thought it was worth a shot, and it worked out really well.

      Actually, we've been shooting for Martha Stewart, but woodworking seems to be out of her definition of "crafts". Since you never know what will work, you try out all sorts of approaches, and every now and then you get lucky.

      Network TV would be very cool. I'd even wear a clean apron!

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        Keep shooting for Martha.
        She had a woodcarver on there who made carvings on chairs he made...
        He even got Martha to take a shot at it. If I remember right she was trying to learn how to use a spoke shave..

        I think she would be smart to have you on...
        Wow, that would be cool...

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        No task is too tedious for Art.
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          Hello Carole,

          Back in March at I'm tryin to find some newer books on scroll saw work thru our library online system. They ship all over the province, a nice system. And going through a screen or 2, I noticed your new book. Wow - published just last month , Feb, and sitting on a shelf. I immediately put a hold on it and have had it for the last 8 / 10 weeks with 1 more renewal to use up.

          I've enjoyed it as all aspects are to my liking, being into band saw box making. Fantastic patterns, ideas and projects. On the return of the book - sometime in late June I'll definitely be adding a copy to my 'own working library'. many hours of great reading and questions ' what is happening here!' . Even know what a 2/0 blade is now.

          I'll enjoy, thanks


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            Glad you found the book, Glenn. Your library system sounds terrific, and trying out a book before buying it is always a good idea. And don't forget that you can post pictures of your work on the forum, for all of us to admire!

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