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  • Info about free mini-seminars

    I'm pleased to be part of an effort by Advanced Machinery, the North American distributor of Hegner, to provide scrollers with ways to get more enjoyment and productivity from scroll sawing.

    The current plan is to send subscribers a monthly e-mail containing a mini-seminar, written by a scroller with a particular area of expertise. The writer, and topic, will vary from month to month, but the focus will always be on presenting something new, or from a new perspective.

    I have written the mini-seminar for the lead-off issue, which will be sent out some time later this month, in which I discuss the scrolled bowl, from basics to more advanced projects. I will most likely be writing two mini-seminars per year.

    According to Hanns Derke, of Advanced Machinery, the mini-seminar is both free and entirely opt-in, and will NOT result in a flood of unsolicited e-mails. In his words, "it truly is a "no-risk" and "no-obligation" proposition".

    If you'd like to take part in this new initiative, the link to the sign-up page is:
    Advanced Machinery.

    I hope this initiative is successful, and that it succeeds in making scrolling even more fun than it already is!

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    Signed up for it and I will forward all spam to you

    Seriously, thanks for the tip.

    Haven't had the chance to get your new book yet but it looks great!

    Take care,
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      Thanks, Kip. Glad you signed up, and if I'm responsible for anyone getting any grief, I deserve to have it thrown back at me.

      And thanks for the compliment about the book. I think it's pretty cool, but if I didn't think so, that would be pretty sad.

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        I also signed up. I used my junk email account, just in case I get a little extra emails
        I have never tried to create scrolled bowls, but I have seen some of your work and you have my interest.


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          All signed up...

          I'm itching to get your new bool as well, and will soon.
          I love your article in the latest SSW&C. I have a friend who's an artist of a cook and lover of my work. She'll be getting the apple tart box for her B-day....

          Thanks Carole...

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            what the heck, I signed up too...

            Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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              Count me in.
              Mike C.


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                Gee, thanks guys.

                I can pretty well promise that you'll like my piece for the mini-seminar--it took many hours, and a lot of editing, before I was satisfied with it. I really believe that there's so much more potential for the scroll saw, either by itself or with other tools, than most people think, and anything that can get people pushing the limits is worth an investment of time and energy.

                Tango--be careful--you can easily get hooked on bowls. I think you'll find my mini-seminar worthwhile.

                Jim, I'm glad you liked my apple tart box. I did an orange-banana variation that I had to cut from the book because of space, but I can post a picture if you'd like to see it. It's the same "crust", but padauk was used for the slices, and yellowheart circles for the banana. I tried strawberries, but could not find a way to make them look right. But my pineapple upside-down cake worked out just the way I wanted, and was really fun to figure out.

                And I hope you're feeling better, Trout, and can post some pictures soon. I'm "cooking up" a surprise for you--might take a day or two before it's ready, but if it works out, it will be a really fun project. It's odd when you need your own book to make a project, but I had totally forgotten what to do.

                And Mike, I just saw your post. Thanks for signing up. I really hope this works out as well as it's supposed to.

                I think I'm busier now than when I had a day job!

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                  Me too. Looking forward to your seminar.
                  Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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                    Carole, I always find your post and info very creative and imaginative...just right up my what the heck, I jumped in with both feet - lol!

                    Looking forward to getting your new book I think it will be a great addition to the rest of my inspirational library! Perhaps one day I will get the great opportunity to have it signed in person!
                    ~ Kim

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                      I joined too. I received your book yesterday and after a brief look, I'm really excited. So many wonderful projects and such complete directions. Wonderful book - thank you!!
                      DeWalt 788


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                        well i signed up also always looking for new and differant ways to do things lol


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                          I'm looking forward to this! Advanced Machinery is a great company to deal with, and your instructional videos are wonderful - a good deal all around. What a fine idea!


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                            I signed up too. Looking forward to the first installment, shoulg be great



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                              Well since we have a Hegner as our club saw and probably half of our members use them and you asked so nicely I signed up.
                              I hope you will have your new book for sale at the Saratoga show, I will pick it up there and even pay extra for your autograph.
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