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  • Mike Moorlach in the news..3_m

    Our good friend Mike Moorlach of Mikes workshop. You know this guy almost all of us buy our Flying Dutchman blades from Mike.

    What you may not know, Mike has been busy since this past spring in his spare time cutting out Christmas ornaments to sell at a local flower and gift shop to raise money for his local food pantry. So far he has cut out 527 Yes, I said Five Hundred and twenty seven..

    Mike has contributed generously in the past to the food pantry and just in the past few days he has been recognized in the largest newspaper in South Dakota the Argus of Sioux Falls. Mike was very excited to have been written up and just had to call me and let me know. I did a quick internet search and here is a link to his article. He said he would send me a link but I have not gotten the e-mail yet.
    Mikes news paper article link

    Congratulations for a job well done Mike Moorlach!

    Thank you also for considering me to be a friend worthy of your calling to share your story with I do appreciate our friendship.

    I also posted this message on my facebook page!
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    Yep, Mike is a gentleman and a class act!!
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      Good for Mike. A really nice man, and very deserving of the accolades. Unable to raise the article on the site listed.


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        Try this:

        Ornament sales could buy holiday dinners | The Argus Leader |

        FD Mike
        SD Mike


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          Way to go Mike. Makes me proud to know you. The world needs more like you.
          May the wind at you back .....
          Not be from Lunch.

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            Bless you Mike for your work. You set a great example!

            Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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              You're a good man, Mike. I'm proud to sort of know you. The article is excellent.



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                Great stuff Mike...It's an honor to know you...
                I started doing business with you because of your reputation, but I never realized just how much of a great guy you are....

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                  Good goin'

                  Way to Mike!
                  You are one of the good guys. Keep it up.


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                    Wonderful article and wonderful project. Your generosity is amazing!
                    DeWalt 788


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                      Mike you're a good egg, great to get the recognition too.

                      Good Luck
                      Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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                        Mike you are truly a great person. We are all good people at heart and can give back in so many ways but a great person does not talk about it. They just do it.
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                          Atta boy Mike. It's nice to hear some good news for once.



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                            Way to go Mike, I'm proud of you!!!

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                              Knew Mike was good guy, but now I'm trying for figure out how he carries all that heart in his chest.
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