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    Originally posted by Rolf View Post
    We need an openhouse so that all of us can meet face to face sometime.
    Yes Rolf, we do need Fox to hold another Open house! I do remember meeting you at the last one actually!!Also, I remember meeting Betty (Will8989 or whatever she calls herself), such a great, talented lady. And, Neal Moore.. any idea what ever become of him??
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Well, it's about time you answered here!!! We sure do miss you and Linda. Yes, whatever did become of Neal? I attended his talk also when his book first came out. And one by Gary and a few others. "Will" is actually the nickname my husband gave me when we first started dating oh so many years ago. If I name some of the names other people call, I would probably be banned from here!! LOL. Anyway, good to see you are still among us.

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