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  • Bragging is Healthy

    Hi all..soo this is where I might brag huh??? Cool!! Thanks Bob for giving us this opportunity to have a specific spot to share some of those important moments where we want others to know something or see something that we've made..or simply a place to share and be excited about something..
    Perhaps Neal should be the first on here to announce that he has a book published by none other then Fox Chapel..
    Let me think of what I imagine might go here..when you first see something you've made or designed in a magazine would work (except please, if it's not a Fox Chapel publication simply say something to the effect that you're in a competitors magazine or something along those lines..simply out of respect for this forum's sponsor)...when you've just finished a major project, got your name mentioned in your local paper, caught a giant fish...hmmm, hang on, I guess that one could go in the "off topic" area..

    anyway..I think it's important to toot your own horn sometimes and not be shy and politically correct all the proud, have a solid ego, let people know that you've accomplished a goal, done something even you like ( cuz ya know you'll always have people telling you they like what you make and you know where all those little mistakes are..LOL..) this can be the spot where you let people know what you've done or what's coming up for you..

    thanks Bob..for giving us the area to brag a bit and know that others will understand
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    Sue Chrestensen

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    Someone has to be first

    OK here goes!

    I got new socks!
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      LOLRH..and it's about time I bet!! giggle

      Sue Chrestensen


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        I was thinking this section would be busy buy now. I guess people are more used to subtle ways of bragging.

        It reminds me of the commercial on television, where a man with a black eye is talking about the fact that not everyone wants to see pictures of his children all the time.
        The commercial flashes back to a mensroom where two men are standing at urinals. The man, who doesn't have a black eye at this time, turns to the other and says, "Hey wanna see something awesome?"

        No one will get a black eye here... unless they lean too far forward near a moving scrollsaw arm....
        It is good to share. Lets see what our friends are proud of so we can share the joy.
        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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          the bragging section...

          is this for finished projects or new grand baby type stuff or both?
          I guess I better go find something to brag about....

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            Trout - I'm sure you won't have to look far!




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