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    I grew up about 5 miles from the Mississippi River and heard of "sinker's" but it seems like "local" loggers called them something else back in the 50's and 60s. And the sinkers were more than just cypress. My dad got some blue cottonwood that had been sunk for a hundred years or so, and set it aside for me in the mid '80s. Beautiful wood. Somehow my blue cottonwood disappeared while I was living overseas.

    Back on topic: Got back from Dallas on Tuesday night, went to the post office the next day (9th) and my copy was at there. GREAT issue. Enjoyed all of it - and Carol's bowl, David Van Ess's Alphabets, Rolf's Victorian Wall Caddy and much more.
    Hank Lee
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      Got mine yesterday, Friday 1/11.

      Like that Dragon puzzle by John Nelson and the Hardwood Chess set by Clayton Meyers, So I'll make those.

      Charles Hands tip for the spice rack was very clever as I am sure everyone has one

      Am also going to check out the Preval Sprayer and Bob Duncans review of the Pegas was very good (I have the ex-16 and just ordered the upgrade clamps from QTE as posted in this thread:

      Glad to see an issue without bowls or box making project(s)...
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        We have an extension on the side of the garage that the prior owners used for the pool heater and oil tank. (the pool and all that stuff is gone) That part had vinyl siding on it as does the back of the house. Any way , it looked weird from the street between the Cypress and vinyl So I used Cedar instead, significantly cheaper and it was all stained anyway. If you buy clear cedar it does get a bit pricey. hen I was picking through the pile at the lumber yard it was killing me to put the highly figured boards to the side. I thought I would go back for it another time. When I did it was all gone.
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          nice issue!
          Didn't know Mindy left.

          visit us at Pickens Puzzles:


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            There is a place in Wimington, NC called Anchor Hardwoods that has been selling "sinker cypress" for many years. I have not purchased or used any. This is a picture from their projects page.


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              I knew a guy who lived near a pallet factory in Florida and he paneled his family room with cypress cut offs the factory gave him
              (of course, that was in the late 70s)
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                hey, got my issue today. Wasn't wrapped in plastic like usual but at least it's here.



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