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    I can not resist sending you a letter of thanks.

    1. Your magazine is great.

    2. The Ultimate Scrolling Patterns collection is far above the average gift you get for signing up for a magazine.

    3. The advice I get from the people on this message board is very special.

    4. The cream of the crop for having a very special place to go and get help on my scroll saw projects, was a birthday wish. It was not expected, it was very much appreciated, and it shows you are cut above all the rest.

    Thanks Jack

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    Jack, I couldn't agree more. that is so good of you to say that. I think the magazine needs to hear how we appreshate them more. I know I love them too. I have learned so much from the magazine, and the folks here on this forum. buy the way welcome. Evie


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      I think this is a top notch publication! Just wish there were more of them. I can't stand waiting so long in between issues! (just my 2 cents- hint hint again!). I would rather have only 4 excellent ones that 8 so so ones tho. Keep up the great work.


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        Same here, I would rather have quality than quantity and poor quality with it. It wouldn't hurt to have more issues but I will settle for less issues a year and have the great product that we get.
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