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    I can not resist sending you a letter of thanks.

    1. Your magazine is great.

    2. The Ultimate Scrolling Patterns collection is far above the average gift you get for signing up for a magazine.

    3. The advice I get from the people on this message board is very special.

    4. The cream of the crop for having a very special place to go and get help on my scroll saw projects, was a birthday wish. It was not expected, it was very much appreciated, and it shows you are cut above all the rest.

    Thanks Jack

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    Jack, I couldn't agree more. that is so good of you to say that. I think the magazine needs to hear how we appreshate them more. I know I love them too. I have learned so much from the magazine, and the folks here on this forum. buy the way welcome. Evie


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      I think this is a top notch publication! Just wish there were more of them. I can't stand waiting so long in between issues! (just my 2 cents- hint hint again!). I would rather have only 4 excellent ones that 8 so so ones tho. Keep up the great work.


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        Same here, I would rather have quality than quantity and poor quality with it. It wouldn't hurt to have more issues but I will settle for less issues a year and have the great product that we get.
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          They may be the FD puzzle blades. I have also used the Pegas 2/0 28 TPI blade. It has NO reverse teeth.
          Today, 09:20 AM
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          Depending on the size of the holes, it could be a candle holder, or something to hold round stock vertical while painting/staining it, or just something to puzzle you.

          I kind of like the last one, I may use that
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          New toys sometimes become tools we can use, and other times they simply are tools toward expanding our horizons and being there when an idea pops into our heads. Let us know what you try the Ortur on and how it does. I'm sincerely curious. Also....why did you choose Amazon vs the other vendors...
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          Bruce was bored and made this. What is it?...
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          Reply to First you need to make a mess
          by will8989
          It was a challenge that’s for sure. I didn’t start anything until I was all finished. It’s nice to have a clean area to work in! My biggest challenge was all those pieces of scrap wood that I just might need “someday.” They burned well in my son’s woodstove. And I did get through all the patterns....
          Yesterday, 10:54 PM