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    I can't get my hands on SSW&C mag but i would like to know how to do it...

    Perhaps the net knows...

    My website:
    That stuff on the floor....did my head just lost it??

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    There's a little menu item up on the top left that says subscribe today

    I haven't though because it still seems that I can get it in the stores here before Canadian subscribers get theirs! I'd definitely subscribe if this was not the case!

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      You can't get it all on this side of the Pond unless you subscribe.

      The choice is yours, Danny - subscribe through the link Ian's pointed out and have the option of either a one or two year subscription plus associated goodies. Alternatively, subscribe for one year by telephone through Fox Chapel's agents , GMC in Lewes, East Sussex (tel: 01273 488005). I'm not sure what the advantages are of going through a UK agent, but it seems to suit some people.

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        I took out a subscription just after Christmas, but I haven't received a magazine yet.

        I am very tempted to have a try at the wooden gear clock when the magazine does arrive.



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          I filled the two year subscription form for the magazine in last friday,when I comfirmed the order a page opened asking me to enable cookies on my computer before I could continue,I have spent money trying to stop cookies so I aborted.
          Could someone please tell me why a publishing company needs to put cookies on my computer.


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            I'll have to check with our webmaster on that, Bill...I really don't know.

            Bob Duncan
            Technical Editor


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              Hi Bob
              Thank you for the quick reply,I will wait to see what the answer is,as I would really like subscribe to the mag.
              Thank you once more


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                i think you will find it has to enable cookies in order that the payment can be made. Just enable cookies Bill, then after the transaction, delete it and stop future cookies.

                EDIT: as an aside, i plumbed for the free trial issue, and it arrived today, wow, what a great magazine, i will be taking out a subscription very shortly.
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                  Thanks Steve it just seems strange as to why they needed to put cookies on the computer,I have ordered loads of stuff of the net and never been asked before.



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                    Steve and Bill:

                    It is very common in USA to have to accept a cookies from a 3rd party when doing a credit card purchase on the Web. started that practice when they started acting as a payment collection agency for the Web stores they host. Has to do with credit card fraud and SSL web page linkage. Other 3rd party payment collection agencies now do that also.

                    Again, it may be much more common in USA than over in EU.



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                      hi phil
                      i was already aware of this as i buy lots of stuff from the internet, i have had many sites ask me to allow cookies before, so now i have them set just right.


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                        Not sure which browser you're using Bill, but Firefox gives you a fair degree of flexibility in which cookies to accept and how long to keep them. It's a simple click to clear them manually anytime you want too.

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                            Sorry about that Bill...I know our customer service department is swamped right now; we just sent out a mass e-mail full of book specials; they've been swamped with orders from that!

                            The GMC angle works, though...I'm just happy to have another subscriber!!!!



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                              hi bill
                              have you got the web address for these people, just tried through this website but i dont have a visa card so cant do it, or is there someone else i could use??


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