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Article discussion thread:Bonus Fairy Fretwork Pattern

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  • Article discussion thread:Bonus Fairy Fretwork Pattern

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: Bonus Fairy Fretwork Pattern
    Last edited by BobD; 04-17-2014, 09:10 AM.

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    this does not take you to the fairy pattern. it take you to a easter pattern


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      Fixed now.



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        reddragonlord it takes me to the fairy pattern.
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          I fixed the link. For some reason, articlebot (the automatic program that starts threads in the forum when we post a new article) goes wonky on occasion, and posts the wrong link...


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            ........Guess what...........its still directing me to the wrong link..........


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              Bob, the problem may be the link changing rather than article bout getting it wrong. The original link went to the fairy for me at first, but then to the Easter basket when I looked again after dragons post. It is now back to the fairy for me.


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                Worked for me..!?!!

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                  Thanks for the info. You know I usually turn my own dowels on my little lathe. These are relatively short pieces, guess I will fire up the lathe and see if I can still do it.
                  Today, 10:53 AM
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                  Paul not sure what you have in your area. Lowe's around here carries Oak dowels and usually Poplar. Woodcraft or Rockler usually have a variety of hardwood dowels. If you have a lathe you could go 1 size larger and turn and sand down to proper size. When I do clocks I usually turn the shafts. Some...
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                  I'm not sure fuming will do much. The fumes react with tannins in the wood, and birch isn't known for having a lot of tannins, especially after being processed as plywood. Tannins are water soluable, so they leach out of the wood easily, and most plywood production involves hot water or steam, which...
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                  Thanks for the info. I think I will go a different direction after reading what is involved....
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