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Question on Floral Fretwork Cross

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  • Question on Floral Fretwork Cross

    Hi , my question is on the floral fretwork cross on page 74 by Tim Andrews. As I look at the picture and at the pattern their are some noticeable differences between the two. Is there a specific reason why they would not match up. I know that the picture and pattern are reversed but they still are not exactly the same. I see no problem for it could have been breakage or fallout. I was just wondering because it was noticeable. Steve
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    We reversed the photo because the shadows looked odd coming from the other side (it's easy to flip photos in Photoshop).

    But I see what you mean...I never noticed that! When Tim sent us the pattern in, it was hand sketched, so we sent it out to be re-drawn. I've looked at the origional, and aside from the lines being crisper, it's identical.

    I wonder if Tim adaped the pattern as he cut. Thanks for pointing that out!!!



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      Cross Differences

      I had another subscriber email me about that - and like Bob - I never noticed the differences until they pointed them out! I did email Tim and haven't heard back from him yet. A lot times, the designer will cut a proto-type and then make changes to the pattern before publication. I'm assuming that's what happened - I'll let you know when I hear from Tim.


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        I think my shop floor is full of prototypes
        I can see how that would easily happen
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