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Issue #26 Wooden Gear Clock

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  • Issue #26 Wooden Gear Clock

    Okay, I was going to wait several weeks before asking for feedback on the spring issue - it just mailed to subscribers on December 18th. BUT....

    I received a call from Rick Landess today. He was so excited to make the wooden gear clock featured in this issue and when he was examing the patterns, he noticed that several are "missing". OH MY! We really spent a lot of time on this particular article and I am so upset I can't begin to tell you... The Cable Drum (R2) and Threaded Rating Nut are missing as well as the length for all the axles. Actually they are there - but they are so faint, you really can't see them. We must have had those portions in color and not true grayscale - and when they print that pull out sheet, it's only in black and white so it didn't pick up those patterns. The arrows that go from the diameter of the holes to the actual holes are also very faint.

    We're working on getting corrections up on the website - they should be up there Thursday. I apologize profusely for this oversight.

    On a side note... Let me know what you think of the issue! Other than the pattern problems for the clock... What articles do you like/not like? Which ones will you make first? Do you like the new Book Review section?

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    Looking forward to seeing the clock pattern!
    Don't be too hard on yourselves Shannon. I can easily see how that can happen.
    Sometimes when working with layers on a PDF I either drop things out or miraculously things appear on their own.

    I havent had anything worthy of a Tabloid paper appear yet but I am sure someday it will.

    I look forward to seeing all that is in the issue.. I have to admit I didn't find the darn fox in the last one.
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      Is there a fox in every issue? And is there something for the first to find the fox?
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        There's a fox in every issue, and two people who correctly identify the location of the fox win gift certificates...



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 where is my issue then????
          This will be my first official subscription issue. And I have to search before even reading it!LOL
          Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
          Owner of a Dewalt 788
          PuffityDragon on AFSP


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            Got my issue yesterday and love it. The projects aside, you guys have really refined the look of the magazine. Very nice!

            -Just do'in the best I can every day


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              It's here!!

              My issue just arrived today. When I opened the mailbox and saw the cover I got so excited. I have always wanted to cut a wooden geared clock, and I can hardly wait to get started on this one. And I already cut one coin on my own, but I bet I can learn a lot from that article. So much good information and fun projects to work in this issue. I don't know where to start.
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                Got mine today but only glanced at it while riding in the car.

                The quarters definitely caught my eye and the bunny is something I may takle too. I know there was something else but at the moment I can't recall what it is.

                The cover did look quite different that I almost thought it was a different magazine trying to get me to subscribe. Very nice.
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                  Got mine yesterday too and was happy until I opened that envelope that came with it. Two years sure went by in a hurry. Gotta click on the renewal link.

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                    I got mine yesterday, but I have only looked at the pictures.

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                      I was over the border into Idaho today. None have arrived there yet but I will be back in another week or so and try again.

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                        I realize that maybe next issue could be someone's first issue but the section on basics is likely skipped by most. Why not offer such tips as a subscription incentive (101 Basic Scroll Saw Tips). Or, put them on your site. Or, offer them with a SASE.

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                          Have not seen mine as of yet. Will let you know.


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                            Hi Mike,
                            Thanks for your suggestion. We used to include all those sorts of techniques in each article, but to conserve space we bundled it into one page. That way it's there for anyone who needs it to refer to. I'm not sure we'll be able to remove it entirely; it just wouldn't be fair to new scrollers. Besides, it's just one page <GRIN>



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                              It just goes to show you how simple this hobby really is, it only takes one page to tell you every thing you need to know.

                              If I was new to the hobby I would really appreciate the information provided.
                              I think it needs to be there, and I think it was a great idea that it was consolidated in the front and not in every article.

                              by the way "Great isssue"
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