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  • one tool?

    latest issue pronounces "one tool wood projects, all you need is a scrollsaw''. Well it's true,,, IF you say a drill isn't a tool. If you do' then there are only 2 projects needing a only a scroolsaw. Oh, it is nice to see so many puzzles in one issue, . A change every so often is good.

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    yep that sure got me. I spent hours looking though the Mag
    for something that only needs a scroll saw.
    It said in big letters on the cover Scrollsaw only.
    I thought the page must have fell out....LOL...Geoff3


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      To understand where that statement is coming from, you'd have to access the thread that appeared a while ago, which discusses the issue of whether the magazine should include scroll saw projects that require use of larger tools such as table saw, band saw, or router, that many people might not have or be comfortable using.

      It's generally assumed that most folks have a drill or drill press and various sanders. Although they are, of course, tools, they are in such general use that they are just not in the same class as the "big guys". I can't imagine anyone who does woodworking not owning a drill or some sort of sander.

      Opinions on this topic were mixed, since there are many more options when you can use a wider variety of tools, and some very nice projects cannot be made without them.

      Generally the magazine has a mix of projects, with most requiring only the scroll saw as the major tool, but a few that do call for other tools. Often, even in those cases where other tools are required, it's possible to work around them and use only the scroll saw, or to adapt the instructions slightly.

      Hope this helps to clear things up.

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        Hi Carol.
        I see your smiley, hope you saw my LOL.
        I was not being to serious about scrollsaw only artical , all of my projects only need a scroll saw...once I have prepared the blank ie, ( cut to rough shape and drilled any holes needed ). But I do think the heading One tool projects, was a little misleading, I just think it very in Ha HA..
        that after such a large heading on the front page of the Mag. then not a mention of it anywhere inside. I even went to the trouble of counting the page numbers, thinking there must have been a misprint...or like the peskey Fox, on one occasion they had forgotten to put it in.

        If you can`t laugh with me...then laugh at me ...I don`t mind as long as you laugh.......Geoff3


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          I noticed that as well and was a bit "puzzled" by it


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            I also was puzzled by this because you do need other "tools" to do the project.
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              I see where you are all coming from. It was a little confusing, but, not for me. I already have the tools to do any project. HA !


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                I'm gonna burn that issue before my wife sees it! I spend almost as much time trying to convince her I need another new tool, and another new tool, and I do in the shop.

                NO, I DON'T REALLY NEED IT, BUT I WANT IT!!!
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