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Pattern error Summer 2006 Issue23 Hexagon Lamp.

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  • Pattern error Summer 2006 Issue23 Hexagon Lamp.

    update 10/26/2006: Someone e-mailed me about the file, page 3, the small base drawing was not in the PDF file. It actually was, but was marked as not visible or printable! I corrected it and attached it to this message and updated the link. This file will have all 4 hexagon parts (small base, large base, post base and lamp top). as I drew and used for my lamps. Any problems, please e-mail me.

    ---- Original post ------
    I am working on the hexagon Lamps in the Summer 2006 Issue (#23) of Scroll Saw Workshop and came across a minor (very minute) error that can cause some real problems in the assembly of the project. I would probably have not even found the error if I was not making two of these at once, and am stack cutting the pieces.
    I was stack cutting 2 of the "Post Base" from the pattern, when I was done, I cleaned them up and put both of them onto a metal lamp post using the 1/2 hole that was drilled in the center of them ( just for storage, not assembly of the parts). I rotated them seperately and noticed the flat parts of the polygons would only line up if they were placed in the original order I cut them. I immediately thought I had made an error in cutting them (like usual <grin>) or the common error from copy machines, So I started taking measurements.. I measured across from one flat edge of the polygon, to the opposite flat edge (total 3 opposite flat edges for a six sided polygon). They did not match of course. I then checked the original pattern, they did not match either! I then checked the other 3, six sided polygon pattern pieces in the original pattern (Post base, Lamp Top, Small Base and Large Base). All of these polygons are not symetrical either!
    The error is so small, most people would not notice it unless they rotated two of the same pieces as I did or tried to figure out why they couldn't assemble the lamp correctly. The error is like this... one side, (flat edge across from one flat edge (opposite "Sides") of the polygon to the other is the correct measurement, then the next is approx. 1/16th of an inch smaller than expected size, the last flat side measurement will be 1/16th of an inch larger than the expected size.
    It is a small error and would not make much difference for most pieces, except it is in all 4 polygons (both my subscription copy and a store bought copy of the pattern pullout.). But when you try to line up all 4 polygons in the project, it will be really noticable and will prevent assembly. Especially for the "Post Base" piece which goes inside the lamp, it will make the lamp oblong and would make it look like the 30 degree cuts for the lamp sides were setup/cut incorrectly, altering the shape and fit of the entire lamp. And since the height is 14+ inches, the post cover will not line up (slanted lamp) and will prevent anyone from assembling the lamp without some major shaping to all 4 polygons and the lamp iteself would be crooked, the stacked bases would not be symetrical. I don't think it would be possible to make this lamp look right or straight with the very minor errors in the pattern.
    I don't know if this one is in everyone's copies of the pattern, but I have them in both my subscription copy and in a store bought copy of the pattern pullouts for this issue. The good news is I caught the error on the first hexagon I was cutting and did not waste any of the special wood I ordered for this project (Beautiful Peruvian Walnut!!!). I already drew corrected copies of all 4 pieces, using the "polygon" tool in CorelDraw x3, so I now have a very exact copy (now if I can cut them as exact.... ) I created a PDF file of my fix for this pattern in case anyone else needs the fix for their pattern as well, If it's OK, the link to this file is:

    If it is an error in all printed copies of this issue and ScrollSaw Workshop wants to use my corrected PDF file, feel free to post it on your website (if you find my copy is correct as well)...Or use your own fix.... but I really wanted to notify people to check this one before they make it in case they have the printing error on their original patterns as well. It is next to impossible to spot on the pattern unless you are looking for it specifically, but it probably would prevent most from assembling this project.... Especially since all your parts would match the pattern and would require some extensive freehand shaping to make it look or even fit right correctly.
    I've already cut the corrected pieces from this PDF file and they fit exact! Now it is on to the scrolled roses for the sides... I'll post pictures of the finished lamps when they are finished.
    Have Fun!
    Ed Baker
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    Good catch Ed; I'm sorry I missed that. It was just after that issue that I started measuring EVERY pattern to make sure everything is correct. Thank you for taking the initiative by not just saying there is a problem, but offering a solution. You don't know how much that means to me (and how much time it saves me!)

    I owe you one!!!



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