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    I just purchased Box Making Projects by Gary Mackay and the articles are really good.

    I wanted to make the recipe box and the plans call to enlarge 110%. I have a older scanner and it is a difficult process to enlarge. Sunday and Staples is closed.

    I don't know what the current policy is but this is painful. The patterns shoudl be at least at 100%.

    I would pay a small premium to be able to download the plans in a scalable format or purchase on DVD.

    Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club

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    After scanning it in your computer see if your printer has a feature to print it out at 110%.
    I have a HP printer, and all I do is click the file I want to print, click File>Print>Preferences>Effects> click in the box where it displays 100% and change it to 110% then click OK. You may have a different printer but search around for similar wording any you should be able to print out at 110% right from your printer. Good luck.
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      I use my printer and at times I only enlarge 1/2 at a time and then join the two pages.


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        I used my brother all in one to enlarge patterns all the time up to 150% with out any problems. You should be able to go to any place that has a copier and enlarge the pattern really easy since it will only be 10% larger. But if you plan on enlarging a lot of patterns you may want to invert in a new printer with a scanner.
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          Don, there does appear to be a policy change, at least in my case. For my bowl book, patterns were sometimes printed smaller than actual size and had to be enlarged by the reader. For my box book, all the patterns are printed at 100%, which is far preferable.

          And I agree with WD--you probably have a command somewhere that lets you resize the document for printing. Or maybe even some photo editing software that lets you do the image itself.

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            Thanks everyone.

            I do have a workaround.

            For some reason my Brother Laser will not scale even though it says it should.

            I have scanned in, cropped the image and then resized.

            My point to the publisher is that I would rather not do this.

            My preference would be able to get patterns on download or DVD then I can do whatever.

            Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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              I think that the publisher should make the patterns available via download also. I also end up having to scan the patterns and then size as needed. Things have changed and the publishing industry needs to change with it. I ended up purchasing the DVDs of the older issues of the magazine to ease my scanning; however, at least one pattern was not complete and when there are updates to a pattern in a future issue, they did not put the update with the pattern.
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                Why don't you just download the FREE Irfanview program?
                To enlarge I just open the pattern in Irfanview.. click on print and tell the printer what I want it to do.... can't get any simpler then that.
                You don't even have to install it.. it also has a version for USB stick.... very small footprint and you can do so much with it. Scaling is just one of the many things. I've been using it since 10 years! Enlarge, Shrink, outline..... for quick things like that it even beats photoshop.


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                  method #
                  - scan or download the picture.

                  - open word and insert the the picture as an image

                  - resize it as you need by pulling the little place holder things and print. I make the margins as wide as possible side to side and top to bottom.

                  method #2

                  - right click on image and select print. this will give you a few choices of different sizes to print from full page to 3 x 5's. very easy to do.


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