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    I think I know, but I won't spill the beans.

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      You tease Rolf!!! Hurry up Mr. Mailman!!
      Cathy in NE

      "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Anonymous


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        come spill the beans


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          Me sad too


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            what is sad? please spill the beans.


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              I think I know too...

              A hint..
              ....Someone will be happy, mostly...
              But it's bitter-sweet...

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                My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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                  what is going on. please spill.


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                    Well reddragon looks like we'll have to wait a few days.

                    BUT, from the looks of the above posts: it looks likes someone is leaving at the magazine and moving to Florida. (I reserve the right to be wrong!)

                    That's not so bad, that's where I live!!!

                    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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                      You will be missed. I only wish for you much happiness, love and success wherever the road in life takes you.

                      "Congress needs to realize it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not of the people, by the people and for Congress." - Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins Hospital


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                        still waiting on new issue. That postman is taking his time.must be reading it.


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                          Well it's not a huge secret.... My husband and I have decided to move to Florida. Through various life events, we have come to the realization that you just never know how much time you have left on this big marble and you need to live for today. My husband loves to scuba dive, and I love the beach.

                          I did lots of research and we settled on the panhandle area of Florida. Good schools, good diving. We took vacation there to really figure out if we wanted to relocate to that area and we just fell in love with the area. And it was in July - so we know it will be hot in the summer. :0

                          We thought about renting out our house up here and about 2 weeks before the flood we finally decided we would just cut bait and sell. Well the flood has set us back a bit - we're still doing some renovations and painting (A LOT of Painting... SOOO tired of painting.... ) But things are still on track - just a little slower than we originally anticipated.

                          I will continue to work for Fox Chapel even after I move to Florida, but I'll be more involved in systems, reporting, and marketing. Mindy and Bob will be running the editorial end of things and I know they will do a great job. We have worked out a transition plan to ensure things go smoothly and while I'm going to miss all my scrolling friends - you will be in good hands - and I'll still be around - who knows I might even have some time to actually scroll! (Oh - and I tested my saw over the weekend and it WORKS! Now I just need to figure out how to restore the saw table - its completed coated with rust)


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                            Best wishes for a smooth transition, and I hope you and your family love your new neighborhood. You can still visit us from time to time..

                            As for the table top rust. get some 'Naval jelly" any hardware store should have some. Wipe it on and leave it for several hours or what ever your directions call for. it should let you wipe off that rust. Then use some wd40 & 0000 steel wool to buff it out and then use some mineral spirits to wipe down the table and finally let it sit for about an hour to let the MS to dissipate and use some Johnson paste wax (sans silicone) and buff it out. It will be as good as new. If the rust is not too bad you can skip the naval jelly part. Let us see pics of your rejuvenated saw with some fresh sawdust on it....
                            "Still Montana Mike"

                            "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                              good luck with the move shannon,
                              hope al goes smoothly for ye,glad too hear you will still be involved with the magazine.
                              not doing much
                              and busy doing it

                              having fun making sawdust.



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                                Thanks Shannon,
                                I was starting to feel a bit mean for not telling.

                                I Lived in Panama City for about 3 years. The beaches are beautiful on the panhandle and you almost have seasons. I don't remember the heat being as bad as it is further south. I also did some spring and open water diving there.
                                Just make sure you get a houst big enough to accomodate the rest of us.
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