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Article discussion thread:Creating Farm Toys Color Painting Reference

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  • Rolf
    Reply to Peanuts #1
    by Rolf
    They may be the FD puzzle blades. I have also used the Pegas 2/0 28 TPI blade. It has NO reverse teeth.
    Today, 09:20 AM
  • Jimern
    Reply to What is it?
    by Jimern
    Depending on the size of the holes, it could be a candle holder, or something to hold round stock vertical while painting/staining it, or just something to puzzle you.

    I kind of like the last one, I may use that
    Today, 08:26 AM
  • Linda In Phoenix
    Reply to YoraHome Laser w/CNC Engraver/Router
    by Linda In Phoenix
    New toys sometimes become tools we can use, and other times they simply are tools toward expanding our horizons and being there when an idea pops into our heads. Let us know what you try the Ortur on and how it does. I'm sincerely curious. Also....why did you choose Amazon vs the other vendors...
    Yesterday, 11:47 PM
  • will8989
    What is it?
    by will8989
    Bruce was bored and made this. What is it?...
    Yesterday, 10:57 PM
  • will8989
    Reply to First you need to make a mess
    by will8989
    It was a challenge that’s for sure. I didn’t start anything until I was all finished. It’s nice to have a clean area to work in! My biggest challenge was all those pieces of scrap wood that I just might need “someday.” They burned well in my son’s woodstove. And I did get through all the patterns....
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM