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  • Regarding Scroller tips

    We thank the staff for the page in the magazine regarding tips and tricks for new scrollers.

    I DO have one addition/suggestion/opinion to add to squaring the table.

    You talk about making sure the blade is square to the table (left and right) and that it is imperative during stack cutting. What you do NOT talk about is that is is also imperative to have the blade square front to back for stack cutting. To make acurate cuts over several layers, the blade should be square 365 degrees. This also very much comes into play when cutting 3/4" material.

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    I think this is a moot point. I don't know of any scroll saw where you can adjust the table (front and back) to the blade. There is only one proper way to put the blade into the upper and lower clamps which is to seat it all the way to the rear. Also with saws like the Dewalt and other cheaper ones, the excessive front to back blade motion messes that up anyway. Having the blade square to the table front to back has everything to do with the design of the saw and not any kind of adjustment you can make on your own.


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      Actually the Hawk G4 does have an adjustment for just that. You can move the lower blade clamp front to back with an allen wrench.
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        Oh wow I never heard of a saw with that capability. I know the dewalt and the EX dont have them. Even if you can make that adjustment on that saw, I wonder how you go about making sure it's square when almost all saws have some front to back blade motion?


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          When I took my sweet old DW788, to the Dw Service Center, they replaced my worn out machine with a new one. The blade was way out of square front to back. I removed the bolt from the rear table support, then began raising the support, and table, using a tapered wood wedge until it was square. The result was I could drill a new bolt hole adove the old. The solution worked well, for me.O
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            But when the blade isn't traveling perfectly up and down and has excessive front to back motion, even if you can square the table front to back, how do you do it when you have to compensate for the blade motion?


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              I don't understand what you mean by square 365 degrees? A year has 365 days but a circle has 360 degrees. But the blade should be at 90 degrees to the table. Hardrock


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                What he meant was square left and right and also front and back.


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