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SSW #46 - Spring 2012

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  • SSW #46 - Spring 2012

    The Spring issue has made it to most subscribers by now and has been on the newsstands for a few weeks... I know there's another thread where the issue is being discussed, but I figured it was time to start the official one!

    I love Tom Kantos' idea for making simple little flowers for kids to paint. My youngest is too old for that sort of thing... but I have nephews who will soon be the right age.

    I'm a big fan of Ruth Chopp's frog pond puzzle - but first on my to-do list is her sea life puzzle from a few issues back. Of course I have to work up the courage to test my saw first... I'm so scared it won't work that I just haven't been able to plug it in since the flood. Bob said there is one here at the shop that I can use until I get a replacement or get mine repaired - but I'm seriously in denial and haven't taken that step yet. Plus it's too cold to be working in the garage right now anyway. Now if my husband would let me turn the dining room into a woodshop - wouldn't that be cool??

    I still haven't taken the plunge with intarsia, but Kathy Wise's stork photo frame would make a perfect gift for expecting parents.

    I like Sue Mey's idea of contouring fretwork is intriguing to me. It's really a very simple technique but it produces such an elegant end result. That little box is on my to-do list.

    And of course - the lock. It's such a fun project! I know the lock has been discussed at length in another thread, but it's the cover feature so I had to mention it here. Adrian Iredale is a new contributor for us (thanks for introducing us Clayton!) We're really pleased with our first joint venture and look forward to featuring more of his work.

    So what did you like? What didn't you like? What's first on your to-do list? As always, I love to hear what you guys think - the good and the bad!
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    Shannon you have pretty much covered my to do list. I already have the lock and chain done and the snowflake puzzle so I am well on my way.
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      I really like the mag cover, think its my favorite, the lock and background color looks so sweeeeet to me.. I did make the lock & chain already, soooo much fun.
      On my bucket list, Intarsia Pets, Domed Lid Box, Fret Wheelbarrow. Thanks once again for another wonderful magazine Fox Chapel gang, and thanks to all the pattern makers for your patterns.
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