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Boxes, Bowls & Baskets with 2 year renewal

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  • Boxes, Bowls & Baskets with 2 year renewal

    Is there anyway to see what is in this issue?
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    I hope the attached image is readable... if not I'll try again....

    Boxes, Bowls & Baskets features... you guessed it.... boxes, bowls & baskets! (I'm just in one of those moods today - forgive me.)

    It has some projects that have run in previous issues, some projects that have run in books, and some brand new projects.

    We work on these issues for so long, we often forget just what is inside! I was reviewing the final proofs the other day and couldn't help but thinking that this really is a very nice issue. I'd like to claim credit, but Mindy spearheaded this effort and chose the projects to include.

    It's on press tomorrow. You can receive this 112-page special issue FREE with a paid 2-year renewal.
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      Let's try that again... You think by now I would know what I'm doing on here!
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        Thanks, Shannon. Now I've finally found out what the special issue looks like! Really nice selection of projects--and includes some of my favorites from past issues.

        The Turkish Votive Holder was my first compound cut project, and it still holds its own as a really terrific design. I could not believe that you could do this sort of thing with the scroll saw.

        This issue is, for those of us who have been around awhile, like greeting old friends, and is a terrific way for newcomers to enjoy some of the best!

        (And I'm not just saying that because . . . )

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          That is a great issue, will it be available for purchase for those of us that have already renewed.? Whimper whine and grovel.

          There is some great stuff in there from some really talented designers.
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            I knew I waited to renew for a reason!!! The dogwood box is my favorite. I made 2 this Christmas out of cherry wood, the flowers were box elder and the leaves poplar. They went to a special niece and sis-in-law.

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              Yes - it will be available for $9.95. I'll post a link as soon as we have stock.


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