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  • SSW&C Holiday Issue (#25)

    Well we haven't actually received the issue in our warehouse yet (we delayed receiving the issue at Fox due to the chaos of the Open House) but I did receive my issue at home and I've had a few Fox sightings, so I know it's out there....

    Please let me know what you think. What's your favorite article? What do you think of the new Book Review section? (That's a suggestion from our very own Carl or CanadianScroller). What do you think about the Rose Window Ornaments? We're considering a book on similar designs. And of course I'm dying to get some feedback on Kathy Wise's intarsia ornaments!

    Shannon Flowers

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    Got mine yesterday.

    Only skimmed through it as I've got two orders that I've got to get finished by next week. But, from what I saw . . . AWESOME.

    Love the intarsia ornaments. I've plans to make a couple of them. I planned to send ornaments to the family and I already saw a few that I have to try.

    Was going to read it on the train into work this morning but I forgot it at home.
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      Holiday Issue

      Received mine yesterday. I like it all!! Betty searched for the fox for about an hour and hasn't found it yet. My opinion of the magazine is a little biased for obvious reasons; however, many of the folks that attended my classes have been long time subscribers (since before Fox Chapel aquired the magazine) and said that they feel the magazine has come a long way and gets better with each new issue. One lady especially liked the fact that there is a good mix of scrolling styles included by different contributers and said the magazine is always "fresh". I think that's a pretty good description. Some of the folks in my classes taught me a thing or two because I didn't know the history or origin of the magazine and that it essentially started as a news letter!!! YOU"VE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!!!!
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        I just went out and got the mail, it was there but I haven't opened it yet.

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          Well, mine didn't come today, of course. Living in a foreign country and all, but I did get the new Lee Valley catalog

          BTW, what is this suppose to be?



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            I got mine yesterday too.
            Skimmed through it since I have two shows this weekend and have been busy. Maybe I'll get to read it at the shows.

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              I got mine yesterday as well. I havent searched for the fox, I figured that we cut him all up at the Open House! I briefly thumbed through it, and will give it a good looking over in the next day or two. I have sooo many books to read now,and so many things to make, I dont know where to start!!! Initial thumbthrough.... lookin good, as always!Full report in a couple days. Dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                What with everybody getting theres? Hopefully mine will come today... Of course I,m down here in the swamp lands of Florida...

                Waiting very patiently,


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                  I can't wait to see it on the news stand. I need to send in my card for a subscription.



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                    I think that we should have a contest. Once it is announced that the magazine is in the mail, all people in countries other than the US should scroll an ornament a day until the magazine comes.

                    We would have enough ornaments to fill a tree!
                    I do like the fact that the magazine comes wrapped. that way I know my mailman has to buy his own!

                    I know I need to be more patient
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                      This was the first issue of this magazine that I have ever recieved. I liked it better than the one I'm not supposed to name. It has a more professional touch and does not appear to be favoritizing (new word) the same people over and over again.
                      I liked the Kathy Wise ornaments, and not just because we are both michiganders. It was interesting how she converted her intarsia's into fret style. I sure couldn't do that.
                      I think Bob D's wood article was a little short winded. No insult intended, but if you don't get the critisism, then you don't know how your doing.
                      I guess what I liked most about this magazine was the broad range of scrolling styles offered, and they were not all written in the exact same format. The magazine has a nice style to it.
                      I'd like to see articles where you actually go to someone's shop, check it out, interview the artist, show a small gallery of there work, pick up a few know, one visit per issue. I always like interviews with shop pictures and galleries.
                      Jeff Powell


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                        What else would you have liked to see in the article? My goal for the article is to give a short introduction and basic info on a wood people may or may not have used before...



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                          Pull out Pattern Suggestion


                          I have a suggestion and or a request concerning the pull out patterns in the magazine. First off the patterns are great thanks for having them.

                          How do folks use and or copy the patterns in the magazine?

                          I found it’s a bit awkward to try and copy some individual patterns and then try to size them up or down on a copier/scanner. Some are too big for an individual piece of paper. (81/2x11) so then we use multiple pages with cut lines. I do have access to a large copier and can copy up to 11x17

                          So being a computer geek……
                          Has any one suggested having the patterns on CD or having them in a download area that only subscription members would have access to. Non subscription folks could buy them if wanted I would assume.

                          That way I can download resize and print a little easier. But more importantly i could file and catorgorize them. I for one would gladly pay a little extra for this option if needed. Although I don’t think I should.

                          The magazine is great it’s only the second one ive seen, even the wife likes it...

                          Pete Ripaldi

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                            The download area is on our list of upcoming things to offer. It's tenatively set to be instituted in 2007...but you know how computer-related things go! Rob, our webmaster, is in charge of ALL the web-related things, mass e-mails, our customer database (and any PC-related computers in the office) he's got his hands full...But it is something that I'm pushing hard for!



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                              I'm with Jeff and Peter on their suggestions. I love to read what other people are doing and how they are set up. I gives me ideas on how to perfect my skills since I teach myself everything about wood working. I would like to see people from different place like Canada instead of only the states if possible. Peter's idea is great as I like having things on cd instead of running to the printers to print the patterns up.

                              Peter if you go to s print shop they have the copiers that will print them up on one big sheet or the area you want.



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