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    I know SWWC publishes an article index. But I wanted something more readily available to organize my magazines. So, I undertook to catalog the issues I have at hand.

    I used a spreadsheet program because of the way I can filter the catalog. All I had to do was decide how to categorize the many articles and projects. I was also curious as to how many articles and projects I have at my disposal. I'm sharing this at the end of my post.

    I plan on eventually posting the spreadsheet on my website as a freebee. I'll likely post a PDF version also but it, of course, will not be quite as usefull. A free spreadsheet viewer is available from Microsoft. I'll make that link available when I post the spreadsheet.

    Once I got all the titles entered, being an engineer by trade, I couldn't stop there. I assigned a distinct project Design Type and a Technique. You'll see these at the end of my post. Just how many box projects were there? Or puzzles? I had to find out!!

    Caveate: The cataloging is sometimes subjective. Some projects can be completed as fretwork or segmentation or intarsia. I had to choose one. Whether I assigned a project to fretwork or scrolling depends upon where the majority of the work lay. If an author takes exception to the assignment, let me know and I'll make a correction.

    I began subscribing with the Fall 2006 issue. I'm missing Summer 2007 but I'll find it eventually.

    Results (the n/a style is articles like personal profiles, techniques, etc.):

    Design Type
    Article 52
    Basket 3
    Boxes 21
    Clock 22
    Crosses 8
    Decorations 20
    Fantasy 2
    Floral 8
    Frames 15
    Functional 56
    Jewelry 7
    Holiday 14
    Military 1
    Misc 28
    Ornaments 26
    Portraits 16
    Puzzle 43
    Scenes 12
    Tools 1
    Toys/Games 23
    Wildlife 51

    Carving 3
    Compound 9
    Fretwork 180
    Inlay 11
    Intarsia 52
    Scolling 102
    n/a 52
    Segmentation 19
    WordArt 1

    Total 429

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    This information is from how many issues? Quite informative...
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