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  • Disapointed

    I would first like to say that I don't wish to step on anyone's toes. Since I have been getting magazines and on the forum with Fox Chapel things have been great. However, I have personally felt that the last couple magazines haven't lived up to my expectations. I feel that there are less articles that help me and less patterns that interest me. I simply want to know if anyone else feels this way? I first subscribed when I was new to scrolling so perhaps it's because I'm more advanced now and it takes more to challenge me.... thoughts?

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    No major complaints. but wish there was more fretwork, but scrolling has changed.
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      I have no problem with the magazine, but anymore about all I cutout are Christmas ornaments.
      I've made so many things over the years and I don't try to sell anything and it gets hard to find people to give stuff to

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        I like it.
        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          I receive this magazine and another scroll saw magazine. In both cases some issues I don't find a single item I want to make while other issues I find 4 or 5 or more. All our tastes differ. IMHO I think you need to look at it more on an annual basis and not issue to issue.
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            We're always looking for reader feedback.

            You know the old saying.... You can please some of the people some of the time.....

            What kind of projects are you interested in? We try to include a good mix in each issue - fretwork, intarsia, puzzles, beginner, intermediate, advanced...

            I would imagine that as you become more experienced in scrolling, you get a bit more picky... In the beginning most folks are eager to try anything and learn from just about every project they make... as their skills progress, they fall into a niche - they find an area they like and that's what they want to scroll... other projects aren't as appealing because they have already tried them and have decided it's just not the kind of thing they want to do.

            I do think you need to approach each issue with an open mind. Just because the project itself doesn't appeal to you - doesn't mean you should discount the article. Let's say you don't like to cut puzzles. You should still read through that puzzle article because they might use a finishing technique that is absolutely perfect for the box you are making. Every artist and author has their own unique style and you can learn something from everyone - even if it's just how NOT to do something!

            Anyway... I'm rambling... Please do let us know what kind of articles you would like to see in future issues. We take reader feedback very seriously.


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              I think the magazine has been very balanced with something for everyone.(not easy to do). I think we all need to slip out of our comfort zone and try things we haven’t done before.
              Having been a test cutter for the magazine about a year or so I have done many projects in the magazine that I normally "would not like or do". Well my attitude has changed after doing the projects I have found that I did enjoy them. So I am not so quick to dismiss any of them even projects that may be considered entry level, look at how addictive the three D stuff is. They are almost like a crack habit.
              As far as fretwork goes there has been a lot of it in the magazines, I myself have done a tone of ornaments, a John Nelson clock and picture frame. Alison Tanners fretwork ornaments involve lots of fretwork and I must say are very popular with my customers.
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                For once, Shannon beat me to the reply on this. I really can't say anything that she didn't already say, and would just like to emphasize that we really appreciate feedback. I know it can be hard sometimes to offer specific feedback because sometimes it's more of a gut feeling than something specific. If you can't say specifically what you don't like, it also helps us to know what you do like, or what you wish you'd see in the magazine (more shop-related articles, more finishing articles, more fretwork, etc.).

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                  I always look forward to my next issue. I'm not always blown away by the patterns and projects, but I am always interested in how they are done. I learn new approaches of finishing etc.

                  One thing I have noticed on the forum, we are encountering more folks attempting to sell their finished projects.

                  I'd like to see hints and tips, & innovative ways to display, package, price our items for sale, whether it be for craft shows, farmers markets, church bazaars local art galleries and ways of finding local events. Signage is always a good thing to have but sometimes coming up with the wording can be a daunting task for some of our members. Remember not all of our members feel comfortable posting so we have several hundred who post on a semi- regular basis but we have thousands who just glean information and they are interested in what we have to say and every once in awhile they come out of the shadows and actually begin posting.
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                    I have been getting the magazine for a year now and so far I have found at least 1 project I like in each of the magazines. I do agree with Mike that maybe more articles on the selling end would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the work you guys do to try and make each magazine better than the last one.
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                      I find that whether or not I plan to make a particular pattern, I like to read the article anyway. I've picked up a lot of great tips that way that could be used in other types of projects.

                      As an author - I try to provide some tips and techniques in each project - they may help you with that project - or prove invaluable on another one down the line. The articles that go along with a pattern are not just for filling pages. Hopefully you'll pick something up in one or two of them whether you like that particular project or not.


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                        Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I do try to read most articles and consider the patterns. I am mostly interested in advanced Intarsia and fretwork but I sometimes stray from those. I definitely intend to keep subscribing but I just wanted to know how others felt!


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                          I personally don't have a problem with the mag. I do have my likes & dislikes, just as all of the readers have. I like to do wildlife, usually as hanging fret work or a free standing piece. I used to be in a rut & only did portraits to hang & ran out of room to hang them all. I like doing some free standing ones for a variation of work. I like each issue as it comes, but, I simply don't have the need to do a lot of the patterns. I have so many patterns in storage now, I really don't need all of the patterns that we get with each issue. Thanks for a good mag, FOX


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                            Just got my issue here in Canada and as a new scroller there is a lot of variety.

                            As mentioned before, I would like to see more 3d patterns.

                            My only complaint is copying the patterns, especially, the ones in the pullout section. Why is the one I want always over a fold mark? Instead of big broadsheet an 11 x 17 would be easier then I can copy at the library.

                            I would pay extra to be able to get the patterns electronically.

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                              I love this magazine but Don brought up a good point. I also don't like how hard it can be to copy the patterns either. I hate the fact they are stapled in. Then when you want to copy something. you have to deal with this giant piece of paper that has to be folded into different directions to fit on the copy machine. Doing that enough times, I feel the patterns will eventually deteriorate.

                              A question to the editors, would there ever be consideration to putting these patterns onto some kind of media or offer that option to subscribers. Or maybe using your subscription number, they could be accessed from a database on this web site? Just an idea.


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