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Holiday 2011 (Issue #45)

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  • Holiday 2011 (Issue #45)

    Well it looks like the issue is starting to land in mailboxes and I wanted to give subscribers a quick heads up... Be sure to page through that catalog that's included in the plastic bag - there's a bonus article in there!

    I can't share alternate covers this time because there really weren't any... we knew we were going with ornaments and we knew we were featuring one of Ruth's saluting ornaments - so other than a few different configurations - they are all pretty much the same.

    If you read the editor's column, you know what my must-do project was... I couldn't even wait for the issue to be published! And now that I got back in the swing of things, I'm sidelined again... My house got flooded and my saw was almost completely under water. It's drying on my front porch, but I haven't tried to turn it on yet. The saw table is a lovely shade of rust... But my coasters survived! (Now if only I had a coffee table to protect!)

    My other favorites projects are the inlay box (although I admit I have yet to try my hand at creating an inlay project), the saluting ornaments, and Sue Mey's cross. I'm not a huge fan of word art, but I think Leldon's creations are delightfully different and I might make the Be Cheerful one some day.

    So now it's your turn.... which projects have you eager to get in the shop? Will you be making Christmas gifts or craft show items this year? I'm always eager to hear what you guys think so we can improve future issues!
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    First of all Shannon I'm sorry to read about your flood situation, and hope you and your family have the strength, and fortitude to deal with the mess. Wishing you the best.
    On the subject of Issue 45, I love Alison Tanner's ornaments, and will be making them for sure. Thanks for the pattern surprise in the supplement, so cool. I like to cut ornaments out of heavy white artist paper, I stack em 20 high to have enough. I also plan on making the inlay box by our friend Travis. Getting educated by Jim Collins inlay challenge, so that should help.
    A few other projects caught my fancy too, but my list is getting long, and longer as everyone else's is too. Why is there only 24 hrs in a day??????
    Thanks to the Fox Publishing crew for another sweeeeeet magazine.
    Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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      I thought it was a good mix of projects. I'm not an intarsia maker but I do appreciate the work that intarsia artists do. I found myself grinning when I looked at the pattern makers and cutters and saw a lot of our very own forum members there. I wanted to comment on how good of a job they do on the cutting. Lines are very straight and the piece is clean and neat.

      I felt the inlay box could have used a little more explaination when it comes to how to cut the inlay. Jim and Jim have the inlay challange going on here in the forums and it's something I really want to try but feel very intimidated about. I guess the trick is to just dive in and give it a shot.

      I liked all the ornaments. I think I collect more patterns than I actually get cut. Someday I will be able to fill my tree with all the cool fetwork designs I have gathered over the years.

      Nice job Fox Chapel. Keep em coming.


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        Was the flooding from the recent storms? I was in Hershey for my nephews wedding on the 17th of Sept and saw the water lines on some of the buildings scary stuff. But they already had the park running again.
        The Intarsia ornaments are certainly on my to do list.
        martzy being one of the cutters, thanks for the kind words. A fringe benefit, at least for me, is that it has opened my mind to projects that I would normaly not do.
        The lesson learned is try it, you might surprise yourself and really like it. i.e. intarsia, inlay, fretwork etc. after all it is only wood.
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          Yes - Good old Lee did a number on this area - photos of Hershey Park were just amazing... I grew up with a season pass to the amusement park, so to see photos of "comet hollow" completely underwater - it was just crazy!


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            Shannon -I thought this was one of the best in awhile, a lot of scrolling for everyone, my hats go off to all who published this magazine! I loved the ladybug box which I have to make for my granddaughter, and the Elegant word art, just a little for everyone. Thanks Jim


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              Hi Shannon .
              We recieved the Holiday issue the other day . The first thing my wife asked " Is the Fox in this issue ?" . She took a quick look to see who the last issue's winner was and didn't find it .

              I said I would ask . She has already spotted a few projects she likes .



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                The fox is there, but I read the magazine forward, backward, and upside down and didn't find it until someone else gave me a really big hint. Our art director is positively diabolical when it comes to hiding that fox!

                "Take something you love, tell people about it, bring together people who share your love, and help make it better. Ultimately, you'll have more of whatever you love for yourself and for the world." - Julius Schwartz, DC Comics pioneer, 1915-2004


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                  When people ask me for help finding the fox, I always tell them to turn the magazine upside down and work from the back to the front. That way, you won't get distracted by the text or the articles.

                  Best Regards,
                  Bob Duncan
                  Technical Editor


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                    Bob and Mindy .

                    I just sat down and started to read through the articles . I feel a bit sheepish as I found the notice on page 6 .
                    I just flipped through it at first to view the contents , must have missed the page .

                    My wife and I can start looking. A little contest to see who can spot the fox first . She has been winning so far . When I get desperate I pull out the mangnifying glass .

                    Have a nice holiday .



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                      The wife found it . I have looked 4 times , 2 with the magnifying glass . I think I need new glasses.


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