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    I will be doing a 1 hour presentation on Segmentation at the Fox Chapel Open House. I'd like some input from those of you who do, or want to do segmentation regarding what you feel should be included. It's strictly a lecture type presentation with no hands on demonstration. I want to provide info that folks really want rather than what I THINK they want. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated....and probably incorporated.
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    You asked for it

    Hi Neal,

    You asked for it .
    Here are some ideas for you on subjects I would probably like elaborated, as someone never having done segmentation
    • Type of woods that can be used?
    • Do I need different thicknesses of wood?
    • Type of blades to be used and why?
    • How much tension should I put on the blade?
    • What is a good saw to do segmentation?
    • Are the patterns different between segmentation, intarsia and fretwork?
    • Where can I get segmentation patterns?
    • Difference between segmentation and Intarsia?
    • Should any angle be used in the cuts?
    • When should the finish be applied, before or after the cuts?
    • What grain sandpaper should be used for sanding?
    • How much should I sand off once the piece is cut?
    • Do I need to round the edges on everything I cut?
    • What type of stains are recommended?
    • What type of finishing is recommended?
    • Do I need a backer piece?
    • Can I stack cut segmentation?
    • Is it hard to do?
    • Any secrets or special techniques to success?
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      Marcel covered most of the ones I could think of Neal. The only things I can add would be gluing (I don't think I saw that in Marcel's post).
      What kind of glue? Do you finish the whole piece or just the tops and sides?
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        rookie segmentor here On a pattern cut from the middle of a piece of wood, where no cuts go to the edge , how/where to place that dratted pilot hole, and tips for incorporating it into the piece so it doesn't look like an " oops "
        In that same scenario, any tips for negating the shrinkage caused by the kerf when reinserting the pieces back into the " frame "
        That's my 2 cents
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          I gots ya a queeeeestion --

          What is the difference in the inyarsaa abs segmenatation -- Is the segmentation like the orange and black rooster you did a few months back or is it like that giant whale after thart- or are those totataly off on my part? Heck make it something a simple minded old woman can understand -- I know Marc said a bunch of good stuff --I just don't know what it was he said..


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            Thanks loads folks!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Many of the points you mentioned are things I just take for granted that people know. I will use everything that you have offered and anything that appears after this post that applies. Again....THANKS LOADS!!!!
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              That is so cool Neal! When is your presentation going to be... do you have any idea?? Sue and I really want to attend. PLUS I want an autographed book!!!!

              Take care


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                There will be six....three Friday and three Saturday. I don't know the times they are scheduled but am looking forward to meeting all you fine folks in person. I just hope and pray I don't wind up embarassing myself!!!! LOL!!!!
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                If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                  Neal, you'll be among friends, so don't worry about embarrassing yourself. Besides, I am confident you will be a great at presenting and representing segmentation. Just remember to have some fun.

                  Take care


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                    Will somebody take a DV camera and record it, please? I'd love to attend but a video recording would be a good alternative... and it might even be the start of our own forum video library!

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                      Those were my thoughts, almost exactly!
                      While I'd love to meet Neal and see his (I know it will be excellent) presentation, traveling that far for an avocation is just not in the budget.
                      I will be buying his book though, the sooner the better.
                      Gosh, it sure is fun putting all those smilies in there!!


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                        Sawduster....can't help you with the "shrinkage" problem. I sometimes have to un-glue a joint or two and refit the pieces to make everything come together. Typically, the finished image isn't re-inserted into the board or "frame" it was cut from. Generally speaking, everything that's cut away from outside the image itself is waste. I "weld" it all together with hot glue instead of wood glue so making corrections in elevation (relief) is a lot easier. As far as the pilot holes are concerned, I try to use the smallest hole the blade will fit through and drill it just inside, and touching, the pattern line. When possible I always locate the hole on the side of a line that creats a segment that will be stained dark. The dark stain coupled with any relief incorporated in the piece generally makes the hole almost undetectable at normal viewing distances.
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                        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                          Neal, I'm sure your presentation will be just fine, I just wish I could be there!
                          Marcel sure tackled all the questions and Kevin asked the gluing question, what I would add to that is cover the approach to gluing the pieces into sections and then joining the sections into the finished project.

                          Gill had a wonderful idea of a video library I'm looking forward to the release of your book. I asked about it while I was at the Branson picnic, Bob I believed said it would be released sometime in Sept.?

                          Goodluck and have fun!

                          DeWalt 788

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                            OOOO I love the way you think Gill!
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                              Great point Bill...I do that a lot on larger portraits. Again, it's something I probably would not have thought about including but should be addressed. Thanks a bunch!!! You folks are just a SUPER group of people. It's a shame there's not an Olympic scrolling event. We could put a real winning international team together. Just had a real weird thought!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could drop scrollsaws instead of bombs???....And attach a link to this site??? Yeah, I know, weird thoughts....LOL
                              If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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