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Article discussion thread:2009 Best Project Design Contest Voting

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  • Article discussion thread:2009 Best Project Design Contest Voting

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: 2009 Best Project Design Contest Voting

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    I voted but how hard is this to choose your favorite one when 3-4 are excellent and all are so very good.

    136 entries. WOW. I wish the pics were a little larger and clearer, but over all nice presentation. Thanks for giving us a vote!

    Those are some really a tough decisions to make. I have no Idea how the judges do it.

    C'mon everyone vote!
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      I got my voting done. I thought it was interesting that there were way more intarsia/segmentation entries than any other category. Considering all the whining people do when there are "too many" articles on it in the magazine A few looked to be marquetry but it was hard to tell by the pictures.

      Great job everyone who entered!


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        I'm still waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the pictures to load. I get the dreaded x's and have to re-load everything all over again.


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          Each time I reload I have to vote again to get to the next page - wondering if my votes get counted each time??
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            Too many great projects. It was a very tough choice. Congratulations to all the contestants!
            -- Rick --


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              There are some absolutely fabulous projects in there!

              I would have liked to have looked at the large versions in a slideshow rather than having to click on each individually. The thumbnails are fine for identification, but don't give any sense of the actual project and there was a lot of back and forth.

              I also would have liked to have been able to look at each set out of order.

              And with only four compound cut pieces I'm now REALLY sad that I didn't get mine done in time At least I have a head start for next year!



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                I agree Rob, it took forever to open each one, then close it etc. Thumbnails were way too small to see. Seeing some side by side would have been good too.


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                  Marvelous work!! Everyone who submitted an entry should be very proud! It's hard to pick from so many fantastic examples of woodcrafting.

                  I didn't see any work from "Junior Scrollers." Was that category eliminated?
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                    Great work all entrys are great even give some out there ideas thank you atc


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                      Now those are some great designs. I had a very hard time deciding which to vote for.

                      I too would have liked a scroll thru option per category.

                      That said great job all in all.

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                        Those were some great projects!!!!! The hardest to choose from was the intarsa/segmented work. (And, I agree with Janette on this one - I am not an intarsa guy but dang that was some beautiful intarsa work).

                        Overall, There were too many pieces that could have (and in my head - did) take my vote. But finally, I did choose one in each category.

                        Everybody who entered should be proud of their work and I appreciate that you shared it with us.

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                          Originally posted by Scrolling Days View Post
                          Marvelous work!! Everyone who submitted an entry should be very proud! It's hard to pick from so many fantastic examples of woodcrafting.

                          I didn't see any work from "Junior Scrollers." Was that category eliminated?
                          Yes it was-because I was the only one to enter that category.
                          So they eliminated the category and put my two entrys in: Traditional Fretwork and General Scroll Saw.
                          Nathan Krupp


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                            Very impressive work! Hard to choose amongst so many top notch pieces!

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                              Thanks for the feedback - yes, a slide show would have been more convenient - we'll work on that for the future.

                              As Nathan mentioned - we only had TWO entries in the junior category - and both were from Nathan... at least in compound there was someone to compete against!

                              Yes - I was also VERY surprised at the number of entries in intarsia/segmentation. And yes - we ended up putting marquetry in that category as well.

                              I'm eager to see what you guys pick!


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