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  • Back Issues OOP Suggestion

    First, I have seen the Back Issues to the left and am considering buying the SSW Collection. The problem here is that some of the issues are Out Of Print (OOP). Wouldn't it be nice if Fox Chapel Press would be kind enough to offer them in a digital format (.pdf)? We all have computers here and personally I would rather have a dvd or cd of a year or more worth of issues than the magazines.

    I am not expecting this for free. Just a suggestion, but one I would love to see implemented.

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    We've been kicking around the idea, but to be honest, a lot of the early issues we don't have in a digital format--they were cut and pasted to a blueline griid and shot with a large format camera--so we only have film negatives of those issues. It's very labor intensive to convert those to digital format--which is why we haven't already offered the cd/dvd.

    But it is something we are working on.

    Bob Duncan
    Scroll Saw Workshop


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      Hi Bob

      I reckon it's an excellent suggestion and I'm pleased you're actively pursuing it.

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        Personaly I like the idea of the issues on disk- I have limited space to sore magazines that wont get torn up in the garage in storage. Ive lost some very old copies of things due to moisture and bugs and such in storage and the disk would eleminate all that.. KOOOOOOOOOOl idea ......


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          I, too, have bought the back issues and am glad to have them. I would be very interested in the OOP issues as well.

          Thanks for having the back issues available.


          PS: I hope to meet you next Oct. at the open house.

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