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    Hey Neal--
    When is your book coming out? I'm getting tired of waiting. Can we get an autographed copy? I realize you are a quiet guy, but tell us more. Toot your own horn a little.
    Old Mooner

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    Hi Moon....I'm sorry for not replying sooner. Been spending as much time as I can in my camper and don't have access to a computer. The book was originally scheduled to release in Jan. 2006 but has been moved back. I think it will go to the printer in May. The first two or three projects are beginner projects with lots of "how to" photos and explanation. The remainder are progressively more involved (more segments) with less explanation. My intention was to include something for all experience levels so even a beginner can start with the first project and work through the rest building upon what he/she learned from the previous project. Folks like yourself, with experience in segmentation, can jump in anywhere and go to work!! I'm hoping some of the experienced cutters will add more segments to the simpler patterns as a stepping stone to creating their own patterns. I never wrote a book before but I feel there are some really nice projects in there. I just hope everyone likes it......but like the military.....there's always that ten percent!!!
    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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      More info

      Hi Moon...I just learned from Peg at Fox Chapel that the book will be available in mid to late august 2006. I wasn't sure just how much I could say about it so I asked her. There are 16 projects consisting of a buffalo skull, an eagle, a wild mustang, a mother grizzly and cub, a leopard, lion, lioness, buck whitetail deer, bobcat, cheetah, wolf, giraffe, barn owl, gazelle, ocelot, and a great horned owl. I tried to include a lot of "how to" photos for the first two or three projects. For example, I think there are about 80 steps and photos for the mustang. The lion and leopard that I have in the gallery are the ones that appear in the book so you can get an idea of what the remaining projects will look like. You're correct in that I haven't said much about it. I don't want to come across as self serving. I'm happy to answer any questions I can regarding the book but other than that I'll just wait and let those who buy it determine how good it is. I don't think anyone will be disappointed.
      If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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        Hello Neal--
        Thanks for the info on the book. Sounds like something I would enjoy just for the patterns/ideas alone. Besides, I can always use help with my technique. I don't think it is "self-serving" to talk about the project. There are certainly others in this forum who tout their wares. Seems like a long lead time to publish a book, but I know nothing about such things. I'm getting to an age where long lead times become more and more optomistic on my part. I haven't planted any trees lately.
        Old Mooner


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          I know what you mean about planting trees at our age. I'm getting to the point that I won't even buy a green bannana!! If I had known I'd live this long I would have taken better care of myself. On the bright would have taken a normal man 150 years to have as much fun as I've had in 61!!! As a matter of fact I think I'll clean up the shop and go have a couple cold ones and tell a few sea stories over at the VFW!! In that place the first liar doesn't stand a chance.
          If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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