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  • Deep in the Heart of Texaco

    Back in the early 20th century there was this infamous bandit called El Cinco. He was called this because of the five gold rings he wore. He would ride to Texas, rob some banks and then ride back to the safety of his Mexican village. Well one day one of the Texas Rangers decided border or no bolder the man needed to be brought in. So he rode to the village , found the bandit, and held him at gun point. El Cinco couldn't speak English while the Ranger couldn't speak Spanish so they found an old man in the village that could speak both. The conversation went like this.

    (Ranger to Old Man) Ask him where the money is!
    (Old Man to El Cinco) The Ranger wants to know where hid the money
    (El Cinco to Old Man) I know nothing of any money.
    (Old Man to Ranger) He wouldn't say.

    The Ranger then puts his gun to El Cinco's head.

    (Ranger to Old Man) Tell him that if he doesn't tell me where the money is, I am going to blow his worthless head off.
    (Old Man to El Cinco) The Ranger is pretty pissed and is going to kill if you don't tell him where you hid the money.
    (El Cinco to Old Man) Okay okay, it is in the old dry well, on the north road, just outside of the village.
    (Old Man to Ranger) He said to tell you that he is not afraid to die you Texas scum pig f*cker.

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    I heard a very close version of that waaay back in the 70's (when I lived in Texas), and still tell it on occasion when in groups that I know have not heard it before from me.. It is always funny.
    Hank Lee
    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.


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