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  • Not everything is as it seems

    A commercial flight, from Seattle to San Francisco, was unexpectedly, diverted to Sacramento along the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if passengers wanted to deplane, they would be re-boarded in 50 minutes.
    Everyone got off except one lady who was blind. The pilot noticed her as he walked by, and that she was blind because her Seeing-Eye Dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her.
    He also knew her because she had flown this very flight before.
    He approached, called her by name, saying, 'Kathy, since we'll be here, in Sacramento, for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?'
    The blind lady replied, 'No thank you, but Buddy would like to stretch his legs.'

    Picture this:

    People in the gate area were stunned when they saw the pilot, also wearing sunglasses, walk off the plane with a Seeing Eye Dog!

    Passengers scattered. They not only tried to change planes; some tried to change airlines!
    True story... Have a great day and remember...


    Life is hard. It is even harder when you are being stupid.
    John Wayne

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    And people wonder why I don't like to fly.

    A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

    delta 650, hawk G426


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      Thanks John.
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      The lack of service facilities is an industry wide problem not just in the SS world. To find tech savvy factory support is rare.
      I am fortunate that I can fix most anything myself. I don't have a Pegas saw or I would dig into one. The big problem is most tools like Pegas are sold by distributors...
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      As a Pegas dealer, I think I will chime in on this thread. It was a huge mistake to let Bob Duncan go, but I don’t know the circumstances. I Had a customer with a tension lever problem. I sent a new lever, but there was a question on how to replace it. They passed my email on to someone and he...
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      They need Bob back desperately....
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      The receptacle on the Festool dust collector can be a little particular about the things plugged into it. If the prongs do not fit tightly it sometimes does not work - bend them out very slightly and you may be good to go. I have one tool that has that problem.
      Yesterday, 07:02 PM