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    OK, Gang,
    I'll admit. I don't have time to read every section of the message board. So I usually don't read the joke section. But I was compiling some reports today, and ended up checking out a few posts. And it made me realize that I have quite a few posts to delete.

    This is a family friendly forum. If you feel the need to warn the reader that a joke is "Mature" or "Adult," it doesn't belong on this site. We're working hard to get younger people involved in scroll sawing, and this message board is a great way to do that, but not if a teen or pre-teen is looking around on the site for information, but gets distracted and starts reading inappropriate jokes...and gets caught by his or her parents (probably his, but I want to try to stay gender neutral).

    I know the majority of the members are adults, and the jokes area is separate from the rest of the forum, but it's still there, and search engine bots do catalogue the posts in it. The last thing we need is for a bot for some service, like Net Nanny, that organizations like schools and libraries use to restrict access to inappropriate sites, to find some of the jokes we've got posted here and blacklist us so that anyone who accesses us through those organizations is blocked.

    The way I look at it, if you would not be comfortable telling the joke to a 10-year-old daughter/niece/granddaughter/cousin/etc., please don't post it here. If you post something the mods or I consider inappropriate, it'll be removed (without notification to you) and if you posted a joke in the past and it has disappeared, we probably decided it was inappropriate. If you continue to post inappropriate jokes, you'll be subject to the consequences listed in the Bill of Rights.

    Edit: After the mods and I spent several hours sifting through the jokes, we came to the conclusion that it was better to move the majority of the jokes out of the open forum and moving them back to the open forum as we have time to read them. I am sorry I didn't keep better track of this area.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor
    Last edited by BobD; 03-10-2011, 02:13 PM.

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    I have often wondered about some of the jokes that have been on here. Some were pretty raunchy.
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      I just noticed Jokes do not come up with "new Posts" That must be why I have overlooked this category on most days. No excuse, just an explanation.
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        Excellent reason for care. I would hate to see this forum have that sort of problem. I like to read them but rarely post any. I'll be careful if I do post one. Thanks for the heads up Bob and Mods and keep up the good work.

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          I enjoy lighthearted humor and around half of the jokes posted here were ones I read to my wife. A laugh or groan shared over the morning tea is fun.

          Here's to hoping that after moderation the odds of a sharable joke go up! Wouldn't want "Da Rules" discouraging our fellow scrollers from this welcome, albeit off-topic, forum.



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            It's harder and harder to find things that haven't been infected with something indecent in some way or other. I know I will continue to appreciate this site if it doesn't let anything debase it. It's such a breath of fresh air!



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              I think you are right BobD. I believe I crossed the line and I apologize to the group. While I like to believe I think before I act . . . I have learned hard lessons in life that more often than not tell me that is not true. I might have a good excuse because I have not been feeling so well lately and so I have been taking extra testosterone - I wanted to fight this bug like a man. Perhaps I took too much and well . . . . my brain got a little cloudy.

              Again, my apologies to all.

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