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Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

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  • Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

    Many months ago I bought :-[ two of those Koch wheels - very expensive. Whole deal not a happy experience. Anyway, I have the two wheels (exactly alike) which look like very hard, very compressed felt, but solid - no layers.

    They are supposed to be rotated at a speed not to exceed 1800 rpm or less than 1000 prm. Remember, you're talking to a mechanicaly deficient nit-wit. I haven't had much luck finding something to turn these wheels and there's NO hope of me devising something.

    Please look at item # 98N20.06 on It's a deluxe (should be !!) ultra-slow 1120 rpm vertical grinder. $154.50 'on sale'. Is this the right motor? Could I do better? Sure thing I couldn't do worse.

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    Re: Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

    In the same catalog the TORMEK is item #98M02.01.
    How stupid would it be for me - the nit-wit - to consider buying one of those? :
    I have the John Burke and a Stephan.


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      Re: Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

      You should be able to locate an inexpensive (30-40 dollars) bench grinder that turns at 1725.


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        Re: Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

        Nancy, what speed do your current sharpeners turn at? Not the motor, the wheels. I think the Burke is jacked down quite a bit. If you take the rated RPM of the motor (should be printed on the motor somewhere) multiplied by the diameter of the pulley on the motor, and divide the whole thing by the diameter of the pulley on the driven shaft (the one the wheels are attached to), you will have the RPM of the wheels.

        For instance; motor RPM 3400 RPM times the motor pulley diameter (say 1 1/2') equals 5100. Now if the drive pulley on the wheel shaft is 4', divide that 5100 by 4 for an output RPM of 1275.

        Any motor speed, any size pulleys, the proceedure is the same.

        Your burke system will probably have the low RPM you need. If not you can change the final RPM by changing the pulley diameters and you'd probably need to change belt length to adapt, but that \'s no big deal.

        Put a 1 inch pullet on the motor, and that 1275 RPM drops way down to 850 RPM

        Doesn't help, huh? Oh, well, I tried!



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          Re: Speaking of SHARPENING machines.......

          Rick and Al - thanks. I'm confused. And I know all the fancy machines will never make me a sharpener.
          :-[ :


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