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  • Got my new chisels...

    Well I got my new Pfeil chisels from KMS tools the other day. I am very happy with the balance of tool and the way it feels in my hand. but I have had to strop these way more than my Two Cherries, the V-tool is the exception. I am carving black walnut and usually they would get knicked up when doing stop cuts. Is this something that goes away after they get worn down a little, or is this going to be a constant battle? They sharpen wonderfully though, I could shave with these things. Maybe that's just why they are cheaper. :'(
    I Cut It Six Times And It's Still Too Short!!!

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    Re: Got my new chisels...

    Lorax, I am shocked! I have never had a problem with my pfeil tools holding an edge. But I have never used Two Cherries. One thing I noticed about pfeil: the bevel angle is less than with most other brands. This gets them extemely sharp and they go through soft wood like puke through a prom dress but for harder woods, you may need a wider bevel. I would not suggest you try to regrind them though. If you are not happy with them, you may want to consider returning them.


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      Re: Got my new chisels...

      Black Walnut is probably on the outside edge of what the factory Pfeil bevel can handle.
      Compare the angle of the two cherries against the Pfeil; I think the Pfeil will have a more acute angle which (like the Cap't. says) will make it cut easier.

      Occasionally, a tool will require resharpening a few times to escape the brittle edge, but I have never experienced that condition with Pfeil.

      You may want to put a secondary 'micro-bevel' on some of the finer gouges #2,3,5 to reduce chipping or edge roll-over.


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