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Making your favorite carving knife

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  • Making your favorite carving knife

    If you have ever considered making your own carving knife, I just finished an article on making one from a straight razor.

    I hope you find it interesting, Rick

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    Re: Making your favorite carving knife

    Thanks for sharing Rick. I suspect you'll find more competition at those on-line auctions! Heck, once I get my basement work area set up, I may have to give it a try myself!!

    thanks again,


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      Re: Making your favorite carving knife

      Wow Rick, that's a super idea.

      Look though, you're going to have to stop giving me all these great ideas, or I'll never get any carving done. Hummmm.....I wonder if Dad would miss his old razor?




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        Re: Making your favorite carving knife

        If anybody has the slightest inclination to try this, I have to say go for it. I received one of the razor knives as a gift and liked it so much I decided to make one for myself. I'm up to four now. I think I like the German razors best (so far). You can pick up the old busted up ones on ebay for around $5 shipping included. Like Rick, I haven't been able to get the handles off without damaging them. Think the best bet would be to drill the pin out, but that would required better equipment than I have available right now (oh to be working in the gunsmith shop again).


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          Re: Making your favorite carving knife

          Being as how I am not the handiest person around, I have a couple of questions. How do you attach the blade to the handle? Do you shape the handle first and then attach the blade or attach the blade and then shape the handle?

          This looks like a great way to make a knife. I have always wanted to try it but I don't think I have enough skill to forge my own blade.

          Thanks for the info!


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            Re: Making your favorite carving knife

            Curious to see how Rick does it, but here's how I do it.

            I simply epoxy it in. First I rough it out and leave myself plent of wood to work with. Then I install the blade and then do the final finsh work with the blade installed (after wrapping it in several layers of masking tape; protects me and the blade. The reason I do it that way is I'm not comfortable with drilling the hole precise enough and by leaving the extra wood I can correct any mistakes. Plus, I like a 10 to 15 degree downward angle to the blade on most of my knives and finishing the handle later and the extra wood make it easier to achieve that.


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