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  • Paintin my bike

    I got this used bike (cycle) I'm wanting to paint satin black and I'm not sure what kind/brand paint to use. Plan is to degrease and sand the frame with 800, and then after that I don't know. I've painted my Jeep's fender flairs before and that was a 3 color 2 2k clear coat process. As that produced orange peel I'm really not wanting to go that route. I'd like for it to be more durable than whatevers in those rattle cans at Home Depot. Wonder if I need to venture down to the auto paint store? I'm open to getting a new paint gun if that's what's needed. Am I looking at shooting an enamel possibly?

    edit: Just got word back from my bike mechanic buddy and he said he's used Rustoleum metal paint in a rattle can followed by a clear and it's held up for him really well. Says the paint has come a long way, so maybe. Any advice along this direction? Seems like it'd certainly be the cheapest, and that's good with me.
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    Did you make the bike with a scroll saw? LOL
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