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    A new woodworking show group - Woodworking Expo ( is suddenly coming to Syracuse on Feb 10-12. Our club only found out because we contacted them. They are going to be in Richmond in the Convention Center this weekend (Jan 27-29). The club decided to participate because they are going to be here but are tempering our enthusiasm because their website is severely devoid of vendors. Well, not really devoid but when 2 of the vendors are Tesla with an electric car and their compatriot Starlink with their satellites we are wondering. If you go to the Richmond show or even next weekend to the Springfield, MA show I would love your feedback.
    The "Other" show group is The Woodworking Shows ( if you are wondering. I've been to their shows and they were finally returning to Syracuse in March 2020 but then .... We have not spoken to them about trying to schedule a return visit but will likely have that discussion for a 2024 return.
    Thanks everyone
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    Our club is in the same situation, although neither of the show sponsors are coming anywhere near Chicago. Milwaukee and Indianapolis don't count. So do we support the shows? Probably can't get to either show for 3 full days. It seems they are both in the same situation with a dearth of vendor support. Before the pandemic, The Woodworking Shows were definitely getting smaller and less attractive. From their web site info, it doesn't look like they have grown much with the hiatus. That being said, if we don't support them, how are they ever going to grow? In the immortal words of Yul Brynner, "It's a puzzlement!"


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      Well ... I am SO glad we tempered our enthusiasm. Show is cancelled. Apparently, things did not go as planned. Maybe next year.
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        Don't Like!!!
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          Barbara, as you know our club has made an annual bus trip up to Saratoga for the show there. It was always an awesome show especially seeing the amazing work created by the members. Almost up to par with our members just kidding.

          The first few years there were so many vendors and wood suppliers. I always took lots of money. They even had Sheila Landry and Janette Square doing presentations. The last couple of times I came home with all of my money and there were no scroll saw related presentations. I think the turners group always fares well.

          It has become too expensive for Vendors, certainly not cost effective. As we look at their products and then go home and order on line so it is delivered to our doors.

          The last and only time I have ever seen all of the SS manufacturers in one place (pre Pegas) was at the Fox Chapel open house. I think 2016.
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