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God deal or not for CPU?

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    Like scroll saws we all have our favorite software. Both McAfee and Norton have become very bloated. My wife has Webroot on hers that seems to work well.
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      Before I retired my company allowed me to choose a Dell XPS 15 laptop for work which was a great unit and had particularly good color calibration which for my work was important. I still have that unit but now rarely use it having bought the smaller Dell XPS 13 which is great for traveling with, especially when I'm using my bike. I did however remove the Dell installation of Windows 10 and installed a lightweight version with practically no bloat ware. My desktop workstation which since I retired is now my go to computer for 90% of my work is a high powered unit I put together myself designed to easily handle graphic and 3D application along with video editing which I have linked up to a couple of BenQ good quality 27" monitors and which should give me all I need in computers until I finally cock my toes!

      I've had Sony and HP laptops and PCs in the past but once I've eliminated most of the bloatware I find Dell units to be preferable, generally very reliable and reasonably priced for what they have to offer.
      Jim in Mexico

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        Jim, that’s way more than I ever plan on doing on my computer. I am cruising along quite well just doing what I’m doing. I even found where my scan went the other day. I was impressed. Even d/l a game for my grandson who we watched today. I’m the Best Mimi ever! Also getting stock ready for my shows. I think I passed myself on the steps today.

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