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Copyrights and design/pattern use.

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  • Copyrights and design/pattern use.

    Scrollers rock.
    I joined a Facebook scrollers group, helping where I can and getting hints where I can.
    I joined several laser groups, mostly trolling to learn all I could.
    Through observation of thousands of posts over several months, I've detected a pattern I didn't expect.

    Scrollers, more often then not, ask where to find a pattern and which book/magazine it's in--and seem to respect the copyrights/terms of the patterns.

    Laser users have many who likewise respect that obligation and complain about design theft (They are ok with you selling products made from designs with commercial license, but not for people selling the pattern/design digital files themselves).
    Unfortunately more laser users seem to be of the mindset to tell others: "just copy it, it's just a digital file", "just change one thing then you can sell the digital file as your design". And they will gripe and ask "why did Etsy take down my site for a design/copyright infringement---I changed the file to include blah blah blah", etc." They are selling patterns/designs made by someone else as their own! These aren't people looking for personal use stuff. They want to resell the actual patterns as their own.

    Maybe it's because laser users are more adept at digitally copying with less work since they work with digital designs....I don't know.
    Maybe scrollers work so hard to produce the item after initial design, that they respect intellectual design more.....I don't know.

    Whatever it is....I'm proud to be among the scrollers and see that the majority do not try and resell designs as their own.
    Linda at

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    Great post Linda,

    Since the internet and our hobbies have gone global I see many of the violations are by people from other countries where I guess copywrites and respect for others work is not the norm.

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