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Anyone remember comic strip "Lil Abner"?

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  • Anyone remember comic strip "Lil Abner"?

    Just a little fun thing.

    Remember "Lil Abner"? There is actually a small town here, near Peoria IL, with the name of Kickapoo. Do you remember "Kickapoo Joy Juice"? I think of that every time I drive thru that town.

    There is actually a Kickapoo winery. I guess their wine could qualify as Kickapoo Joy Juice. 🙂

    There was actually a Kickapoo Indian tribe in the mid west and like other Indian tribes they were treated very poorly. If interested, there is much to be found about them on the internet.

    On this memorial day let's pray for those who gave their lives for our country and for their families. I have been reading a couple of WWII history books and am reminded of those who fought for our freedom.

    May God bless you all who may have served in the Armed Forces over the Years.

    Virgil US Army 1962-1964

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    Thank you Virgil for your service.

    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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      I remember the comic strip with fond memories. Not so much Kickapoo Joy Juice. Yes we need to remember. My father was one of those who came back from WW11. He never talked about his experiences.
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        Likewise Denny. My father didn't speak about it until we were adults and we asked him about it. He turns 100 this September!

        Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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          My dad was a tail gunner in a B-24 over Europe. He passed at the age of 84. My father in-law was a disabled vet wounded in Italy. He passed at the age of 91. Neither spoke much of their war experiences.
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            Dad joined the Merchant Marines at 16, Army at 18, was in Italy most of the war, stayed in the reserves until he was 50. Had a heart attack on his last summer camp, was made RA and passed away before they could retire him. Mom got full benefits and pay. I have a great uncle that crashed in Germany and was never recovered.

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              I remember Lil Abner! And Kickapoo Juice too. Wow. Childhood memories.
              To all those who ever served who are with us or have passed, Memorial Day and Veterans Day are only a small token of the respect deserved by our service members and their families....Thank you.
              Linda at


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                I was in the air force 1960-64 and worked with a bunch of sergeants that were veterans of WW2 and of Korea and, even they, rarely talked about the wars either.
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                  Yes I do, when I was stationed at Tyndall AFB in Panama city FL, in the late 60's there was a local pub that asked me to paint him on the mirror behind the bar. I don't remember how I did that as I was not a painter or free hand drawer.

                  11 years USAF 1968-1979
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                    I remember Joy Juice. Kinda like Mtn. Dew without the caffeine, if the fog of memory is correct.
                    My Dad was in the Navy during Korea, but the Army recruiter turned me down on a medical. Father-in-law was combat wounded in the South Pacific during WWII.
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