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“Old Men” at the sawmill

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  • “Old Men” at the sawmill

    This letter was received by Kinder Park. Other than 2 volunteers under 45, the ages range from the youngest, Bruce, 72 to 85.

    Dear Vice President Rocky

    I have the honor to forward to your attention, the logo of the nonprofit Friends of Kinder Farm Park, provided by Mr. Thos. Lahdelma, whose section of the 'Friends' donated, free-of-charge, enough sawn pieces of 12"x12" oak timbers to produced, when further subdivided, eight 2' long sections plus four 1 1/4' sections, all of which may be used in the near future, as bilge blocking for the CHARLES D. GAITHER.

    In addition, Mr. Lahdelma, and his crew of able volunteers, added in a number of feet of oaken flat boards from a designated assortment, on-hand at the park's sawmill, that may be used as end-risers for the bilge cribbing.

    Mr. Lahdelma and his crew are in hopes of receiving a courtesy tour of NS SAVANNAH, on any given future Wednesday morning, once the pandemic restriction is lifted aboard ship by the Federal government.

    I am in high hopes that the Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company may be of assistance to the 'Friends' in providing the necessary docents for this purpose and making all of the necessary arrangements through the proper channels, when that time arrives.

    Know me to be, most sincerely,
    W.F. Mathers
    Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company
    One (1) Attachment: Logo - Friends of Kinder Farm Park, Anne Arundel County, MD


    "Congress needs to realize it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not of the people, by the people and for Congress." - Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins Hospital

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    Scott, I was referring to her pms to Bill Wilson and Quartz. They posted her reply by pms instead of on here.
    Would be nice Quartz. I asked got Bob to put the issue next tp patterns and he said something about real estate. He found a way to do it and didn’t lose any real estate. Guess they don’t...
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    I would be pleased if FC at least did a trial of printing A pattern on regular sized text and also providing a scale up factor. Their resistance to do anything if a real pain. It was a similar lack of action with the website that resulted in lost viewers.
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    I think Kelly did that because I wrote a letter to the editor complaining about an article in the last addition. It was the article about staying connected online and it didn't mention the FC forum....
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    The fastest I've ever seen one of those 3d deer cuts was by Rick Hutcheson. That man was super fast when we was working the shows.

    Here he is much more recently, and a bit slower:

    Here is the pattern on Ricks' site: http://www....
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    Rodney you and your wife make a great team! Very nicely done sir.
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