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  • Excitement This Morning

    We came in early to ArtCrafters to get a few things done. After about a half hour, three of Dayton's finest came rolling up to the door. I unlocked the door and they asked if wee were all right. It seems they had a 911 call from our address. Sure got the heart started. Thankful for their service.
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN

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    Better safe than sorry, I’m glad all is well.


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      Good to hear something positive about the boys in blue Denny. Glad it turned out to be a false alarm.

      Stay safe!
      Jim in Mexico

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      - Albert Einstein


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        Denny you have to turn down the music!
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          Sure there wasn’t a 4 year old hiding somewhere in the shop? My son did that once. They called back t see if I was ok as a child called and when I asked him his answer was Not me mommy. Of course the bottom drawer of the cabinet was still open that he had to climb on to get on the counter top to reach the phone. Yep. it’s been going on since he took his first step at 8 months.

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            I hope they appreciated the love and care that went into your beautiful work!
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            A piece to be cherished.
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            Beautiful piece Fibber and something that will long be treasured. Congratulations to them on 25 years. Hubby and I celebrated 35 last week. We got a new drill press. 😉☺️ (My idea.)...
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            Almost over this itchy problem. Just some on my left arm and leg. Caladryl was my friend. I would just dump some on and smear around! Down to my regular daily allergy pill but that helped a lot also. Did have to change my follow up appointment with the eye doctor until middle of August.
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