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My upcoming segmentation project – A tribute to Lem Putt - a must read topic!

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  • My upcoming segmentation project – A tribute to Lem Putt - a must read topic!

    Just over 50 years ago, when I was a young teenage lab assistant working at a local pottery tableware factory in the UK, my boss at that time, who had a quirky and often lavatorial sense of humor, lent me a book to read which he described as the shortest best seller ever to appear on the American top selling books list. It was written in 1929 by a Charles Partlow “Chic” Sale, a popular vaudeville comic of the time and it is called “The Specialist”. The main character of this book is Lem Putt, a backwoods carpenter whose specialty was .... well if you don't already know, best read the book to find out! Lem talks in this book about his trade and how he goes about it.

    This book can be read in less than 15 mins and I encourage all to visit the following link and read it and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face I can only assume you have absolutely no sense of humor or are suffering from acute constipation!

    Often on this forum I have posted some amusing, whimsical and even somewhat outlandish projects - some of you will no doubt remember my Snotty Candle! - In part this is because I struggle to match the skill and precision of many of the incredible craftpersons on this forum so I grab attention by thinking a bit outside of the box to challenge myself and try to put a different take on some my scrolling projects. Most importantly I just like having fun.

    The topic of this book as been on my mind almost from the moment I began producing reasonable looking segmentation projects but because of work commitments I’ve never had enough time to dedicate to designing a suitable pattern and then producing the project. As I’ve recently been sitting at home in self quarantine because of this darn virus pandemic Lem Putt has been niggling the back of my mind and I’ve finally started formulating an idea for a segmentation project dedicated to Lem.

    For the moment though I have to first finish my juggling clown WIP otherwise if I start on this new project the clown will go back into storage.

    So folks - you have been given notice. I’ll probably be asking for ideas as I start working on this new challenge.

    For the moment though, if you haven’t already read “The Specialist” PLEASE take 15 mins out to do so and let me know what you think about the book and about Lem.

    Note - in keeping with the subject matter you may consider reading this book electronically on your mobile or tablet whilst you are sitting down ‘evacuating’ in the comfort of your own home!

    Stay safe!
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    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein

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    Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for Sharing. Are you planning on using Elmer's privy for your segmentation project?


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      Hi vgraf - glad you enjoyed the read.

      Now would I use one of Lem's creations for a segmentation project? What do you think?
      Jim in Mexico

      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
      - Albert Einstein


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        That brought much laughter. Thank you for brightening our day.

        By the way thanks for the latest "poop" on your next segmentation project
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          Can't wait to see Jim's South of the Border segmentation privy. I am sure it will be the best one there is 😁
          Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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            I enjoyed reading your your attachment but I am a little troubled about just where it might lead??


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              cw - glad you had a good chuckle! Here's hoping I can continue to amuse

              Scott - I tend to agree with your summation about this upcoming project being the best largely because if I can pull this off it will probably be the only one out there - LOL!

              Rhys - My imagination for this project is overflowing like an insufficiently sized cesspool so where this might lead I honestly can't say at the moment. What I think I can predict with a good degree of certainty is that unlike your recently posted musical works of art this project of mine will definitely have no strings attached!
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              Jim in Mexico

              Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
              - Albert Einstein


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                Great story. There are experts on every subject. Just need to find them.
                I think this could be the inspiration for some type of contest. See what folks could come up with in two or three dimensions.
                Thanks for sharing. I will pass on to members of the local woodworking guild.
                "Time to Give Back"


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                  Thanks for the link on the story Jim. It was highly entertaining.

                  Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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