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    Last Tuesday, St Patrick Day, I was at Lowes for some screws. I saw that they were having open job interviews. One of the jobs was in the tools department. Just for fun I sat down, filled in their half-page app and chatted with them for about 20 minutes. I was hired on the spot. I spent the rest of the week, online, filling in their real application, background checks, inprocessing forms and such. I start tomorrow.

    Of course, my biggest fear is the virus scare. Albeit, there is only one case in our rural county and that being a student in a college about 45 miles from here. I was in the store Saturday, and everyone seems to be using hand sanitizers liberally, wiping things down, and many wearing rubber/latex/or nitril gloves. I have nitril gloves up the wahzoo, because I use them for all my hand finishing.

    The job is a seasonal thing, lasting 4 months. I don't really need a job, but it will be something different to do for awhile. After the 4 months are up, if I'm still standing , we'll see.

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    I have mixed feelings about this but I do really appreciate the people keeping the country rolling. Especially in essential retail operations like grocery, pharmacy, home repair, gas stations,..... Just be careful. BTW in the Raleigh, NC area the hospitals are looking for all disposable gloves and masks. if you have extra you might want to offer them to your local hospital or food bank.
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      Wish you the best in the new venture. Stay healthy.
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        Good Luck with the new adventure. Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire all the new toys that you might need.

        A friend worked for Lowes a short time after retiring from his real job. He took advantage of his connections and got all of the Dewalt power tools he felt he needed. For a period after that stint he was able to continue to get his employee discount. That opportunity is no longer available to him.
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          Congrats on the new position. I was planning to retire at the end of the year, the market is making that shaky right now. I had already entertained the idea of working PT at a hardware store.
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            Tony I would love to have someone like you in our store, most of the folks working there do not have a clue, but are friendly and some even appreciate when I explain stuff to them.
            It should be fun for you.
            My wife always jokes about me applying when we walk past the wanted signs at our local Lowes. I don't want a job I had one, my free time is precious.
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              Bruce is with you Rolf. He said I’ve worked since I was 14, enough is enough! Half of the workers in our Lowe’s are retired. Since they work in their field they are very knowledgeable. Bruce goes for morning walks and stops in the Lowe’s by us to say hi or to get warm or cool depending on the weather. We know a lot by name . They want to know if he wants a job. No thanks!

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